Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Bartosz Bialek


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Latest Update: Final Render: Asaulting the bore hole…


hallo :slight_smile:
nice to see you and good luck… :bounce:
any flowers this time?


HELLO!! nice to see you here Mona So I guess wi will struggle once again :wink:
Good luck to everyone. This one looks like the hardest topic yet. I’ve got no idea atm becouse i haven’t read EON and still trying to find any in my local bookstores. Anyway trying to come up with some ideas from just some snippets of the story may be very intresting and challenging.
Good luck and here we go!!


YES YES YES - I went to all book stores in my city and finally I’ve got it!! The only copy in this part of my country :D:D:D I’m so proud!! Now I nead to read it… 368 pages to go

I’ve read it now it’s time to came up with some ideas


I’m looking for ideas So this is my first concept - very general .
The moment of russian attack on patato & bore hole’s docks


good luck in the challenge



@Celik - thank you . My response is a little bit late becouse I just moved. So now it’s ime for some updates.


This is my final concept - composition . Ships and troops attacking entrance bore hole & docks. It’s very rough but I wan’t to improvise a bit and let my fantasy lead my way - It’s a fantasy challenge isn’t it? :wink:


HI - this is how my bore hole is going to look like - It was mostly shader & texture work ( diffuse / bump / displace maps) so I give it to shading category. It still needs some tweekings through
.I also developed basic lighting for a scene And it was quite hard to develop satisfying shatowing .I managed to setup shater and light the way you can see it now
Hope you like it.


Wow, that looks fantastic. I kind of would have pictured the tunnel looking like that.


Thank’s Gary nice to see you - I’m glad you like it and I hope you will only like it more and more


good luck in challenge Bartek!

  1. If you have Only one polish existing copy of EON , maybe you would like to share with me a xero-copy? Because i didn’t have that much luck .

2 . Forgot about using photos of the moon surface if you want to have nice looking craters. You need ELEVATION map in greyscale or other gradiend colors. Photos has shadows which makes you surface unnatural (deep in shadow zone and peak in light) .here is a link of example map you need.



@ Thanks Tomek I fixed height maps and make some tweekings now there is no sign of ugly shadows Thanks for pointing this out for me… I have like 100+ hires photos of moon and asteroids I can share it btw.
I don’t have the only one copy :stuck_out_tongue: in Poland IMHO ( try to find wydawnictwo AMBER wznowienie z stycznia lub lipca 2006 ) At the moment my polish language copy is preaty “lost” (I moved recently)

I’ll try to help you anyway.


Hello I fixed displacement & bump maps and lighting. It’s far from my expectations but time goes on so I’ll leave it for now.


HI all.
It’s been a while since I last gave a sign here but my work & life issues forced me to take this break. But I don’t give up. 3 weeks to go and I’ll try to do my best - now it became kind of test of my speed abilities.
I started working on USSR space soldiers here you can see space suit, ak 297, shield.
I’m planing to pud most details on textures


HEllo! Time’s runnig out so I’m posting another update.
I textured astro soldier and weapon.
Soldiers will be rather small comparing to whole scene so I don’t need too much details.
Now I’ll model USSR’s assault ships


Hey fgdf, I like you work… but there’s one thing, related to the tunnel, that is bodering me:
The tunnel is artificial, it should have artifacts or some other aspects that reflect the intervention of man… not of nature, like craters or so… it’s just my opinion. Good luck.


don’t you worry :wink: I’m sure you will se some aspects !


I started working on USSR’s ships
This is very early stage WIP
I’ll try to cach what Mr Beer was about saying “Twenty meters wide, the Russian ships resembled Christmas decorations as they entered the bore hole©G.B.”
I’ll do my best


Modeling in progress
I want to my USSR spacecraft to have this “comi-look” (like old USSR trains ) I’m adding details to the ship . You can see some sample shaders There’s still a lot work to be done
hope you like it