Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Artur Malczyk


Wow what a kickass entry, and i really loved your animation,great,great work!!!congratz:beer:


ya, the image combined with your kickass video is the grand prize worth dude, wish you luck.

good for you that i am out:D;)


Hey man, I had not seen your animation… that’s ace! nice work and Good luck.


Hi everybody!
Thanks for kind words. I’ve uploaded some details after uploading final stuff, so it’s hard to find my animation :slight_smile: I asked Mibus to move it to the top of my page, and now it is there.
good luck to you all!


Hey Artur. You have a really polished piece here. I like your final still, but the animation just blows me away! It’s simply kick-ass! :buttrock: I’m almost positive that you will be one of the winning entries.

Good luck with the final judging!



I can see you are one of the winning entries, for sure:scream:


Really fantastic, it has some charisma i think.
Really nice work, good luck.


Congrats! Your final turned out a fantastic scene - and the animation is just great! I really hope you get an award for this, very well deserved! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind comments,
I’m happy that you like my vision, I only regret that I didn’t have more time to render my animation in beter quality and SLOWER camera.


hi Artur ur entry is superb i think everyone will love ur concept especialy the terain and its lighting so nice man.from my part one suggestion to ur animation. just work on the camera movement little bit(like at the very begning dont fix ur camera still just give a gradual motion so that its wont start suddenly and in the middle of the scene just increase the speed gradualy and goes to its maximum).its my small suggestion.


hey bro! sorry for late reply … net service is down at our workplace :cry:

thanx a lot for all what u said bro!! :love: the best part is i got the chance to meet superb friends / artists like urself! n that counts! :stuck_out_tongue:
plus a big congrats to u mate!! ur work speaks n still does :buttrock:
very happy to c ur entry in the Honourable mentions category! :bounce: :applause:

looking forward to seeing u guys in the next challenge! :bounce:

do take care buddy! god bless ya!


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