Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Artur Malczyk


Hi there!
Some of you motivated me with their outstanding animations! I just said to myself… Artur, you did a nice still, you cannot mess it up with ugly animation :slight_smile:

My plan:

  1. 2 ships ale flying throught the tunel, on is the camera, second is in front of it
  2. is is dark, only lights from the ships light up small parts of the tunel.
  3. gate is lighten up by additional lights and it starts opening as ships approach
  4. we go through the tunel, we see astronauts in the left bottom part who are watching outstanding view.
  5. we see whole valley, I plan to do some tiny ships flying there, and some lights flashing on the cables.
  6. we do speed fly through the valley with very dynamic camera…

how the hell I will do it in 11 days, together with my commercial work… no idea, but it’s worth trying :slight_smile:

stay tuned! arturro is fighting


yeah arturro nice idea with the open gate to the your eon scene, i like your image, very cool, 11 days left, fight for survive:D man


exactly, fight for survive :slight_smile: no sleep, eat a lot, drink coffe a lot, don’t move too much to save energy… sounds tasty :slight_smile: but later loooong holidays with a lot of sport to kill all those lasy weeks


just tests with some lights and textures… Pretty dark, but this should be dark :slight_smile:


Love the plan!! Looking forward for this animation. I gave up, I won´t manage to finish this, so now i´m just watching other people finish theirs.

Good luck :wink:



You have my respect man :bowdown: you don`t give up :applause: Thats a great idea :thumbsup:

Go, go, go :buttrock:


Hey arturro, I’m really anxious to see what will you come up with… good luck.



I hope your animation part goes well as the idea looks good and very Sci-Fi:thumbsup: . Hmm, I wasn’t really going to spend much time on my animation , I think I should have read the instruction/FAQ page more . I probably should have entered the Illustration challenge instead as the animation seems to be more important than I thought.

Good luck finishing it and remember to get some sleep, oh and you should also eat too.:slight_smile:


thanks friends!
I did some commercial stuff and have a night with EON now… plan is to make flying ships and set the animation of fly through the gate… and start rendering :slight_smile: second stage would be to maje the animation o fmy canyon and compose it in post. I will add some small ships flying there and some energy flowing through the cables… stay tuned!


Best of luck & let the god of rendering smile upon you :smiley:


Hi there!
I changed a bit my astronauts to look more realistic. AS they are small it wasn’t too hard. I think they look better now.


Here are my latest tests from teh huge cave… there are ships also :slight_smile: nto animated eys so everywhere they look the same. Now I’m working on some nice flythrough…


3dRaven <- thanks man! I hope he will be there helping my render buckets to go go and go :slight_smile:


one of the last tests here…


Ok, I did astronauts for the animation and did the ending fot the tunel… of course camera would go further into the canyon.


Great progress and close-ups the astronauts looks superb :thumbsup:

Good luck in the last steps/days


misa finishes tunel animation and rendering started, should be done in 4 days…
let the force be with me, I’ll need it badly :slight_smile:


Ok ! I’m back :slight_smile:
Time to show something… Sorry for being out, but I was rendering… rendering… rendering :slight_smile: Now I have 10GB pictures top compose in final animation… hope to finish it on time


O, here is an additional atmosphere pass…


Ok… and here is my final, or at least final for this time:) I will look at it again after finishing my animation. Any ideas how to improve it?