Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Artur Malczyk


Ok, I have enough… my final picture test 1 :slight_smile:

I don’t like a few things and I like a few…

S**t I have so many doubts now, I’ve imagined this picture in a completely different way, I made many mistakes during final renders and compositing.

Well, I need to rest from this picture and do some commercila stuff for a few days. And should render some motion during that time.

Please write what do you think about it, especially what you don’t like about it!

good luck to you all!


My first try for the final image.


That’s EXCELLENT man. Well done.

Cheers :smiley:


Hey Arturro,

Very nice job on this, I like what you came up with .I like the hanging feeling the supports for the hanging buildings give the viewer. Good luck and sorry for not being around during your progress. Next one I will try to be more active throughout.


Hi there my fiend!
This time you made it with top best super result :bounce: my congratuilations.
I really like the mood, it’s very unique. And I like the way you mask hard “3d look” with a bit of artistic spirit.

Wish you best and can’t wait to see the animation! Hope you will manage to render it on time… if this one rendered 100 hours :eek:


As I made a huge picture why not to show something more :slight_smile:

Full resolution is 5000x2500, here you have some close ups but in 3000x1500 resolution.




more :slight_smile:




sorry, double post


Ok, and after tiny color correction of small lights I’m done.

Now animation… I’m glad that they postponed the deadline :slight_smile:


Hey Artur,

The closeup shots showing the details really show the work you put into this. It looks wonderful:thumbsup: :thumbsup: , great job and good luck.


Very cool image and a very different take on the subject as well. Looking forward the animation:thumbsup:


I do love Your design concept - it really differs from others. Also the color scheme is like from 18th century painting, which is really cool ( clouds, ambient light)


I really like your final - the closeups are fantastic.
I’m looking forward to the animation now - good luck :slight_smile:


very good ,I like your concept.good luck


Hey Artur,This is ended up very nice! Congratulations on finishing :bounce: !
Those closeups are wonderful, all that detail you putted in there just will shine on the full resolution!
And I can see you have added the plasma tube :scream: !

Good work!



This is a realy great looking scene dude,well done.

Don’t worry I still have to do my animation.


great work, i like the whole scene, especially the contrast and the long shadows created by the characters, well done. The green / blue shade in the hanging buildings also adds some different colours, could you elaborate a bit on how you did the rock textures and shaders?
And what renderer are you using?
good luck rendering the animation!


Thanks friends!
I really appreciate your support and interest. Now I have a few days of commercial work… but soon I will start animating my work :slight_smile: the idea is there, so should be good…

musi <- Thanks man! plasma tube is your suggestion, really liked the idea :slight_smile:

Jelmer <- I’m using mental ray from max9. As far as mountains are concerned, there were many hours of hand modeling, while rendering there is displacement. Material is standard, but with specular, diffuse, displacement, bump maps. I will write a tutorial after the challenge as it may be useful for some people.

SONIC-X <- I’m not worrying, we just must finish our animations :slight_smile:

taavi <- yea, I like paintings mood, here I didn’t want this hard 3d feel.

ZhuLi, Gunilla, mmoir <-thanks mates! hope not to let you down with my animation :slight_smile: