Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Artur Malczyk


Hi my firends!
thank you for your support and sorry again for not visiting your threads! I’m just fighting with time.

This is first test with buildings. I wanted to see how it looks to determine better textures. I added also some roads/bridges in the foreground.

stay tuned, today I’m texturing buildings

edit: end this is streight from max, only small contrast correction in PS.


I love your idea.I suggest you increasing more .It will strengthen your concept.


Hey arturro, your image is starting to take shape! Good Work!


Looks realy cool dude.


DOF is brilliant! The design is also original…Waiting forward Your updates! :slight_smile:


the last update is looking great… cant wait to see it finished my friend…


Ok, here I am again…

I’ve changed a few things… still thinking on the sky what should be there :slight_smile:

plasma tube, clouds, nothing, some fractal blurred noise dust


very nice! I like it, one of my favorites here! Finish it on time dude!


I’d definitely say there needs to be some sort of sky, but unfortunately I’m at a loss as well as to what it should be. New additions look solid though. Only a few days left! Keep up the good work.


Really love image. Very charismatic and “fantasy-motivation” image.
Good work, you have a style.

Keep on.


Looks great and like almost a final. Just some details here and there and you have a finished image :thumbsup:

Good luck in the last set`ups :beer:


Man Artur you have really pushed this piece wonderfully! I love the richness and details you have provided. All she needs is a decent sky and your set. Have you decided on what your animation will be?

Good Luck!


yeah man, great image, it looks very cool:D


Thanks friends!

I really appreciate your support, it pushes me forward. I did all corrections, and I’m done with everything, did 4 astronauts as well, but now I’m rendering rendering and rendering, so you will see all this probably tomorrow. My final still will be rendering around 20 hours, than a few hours of post-production Animation twice as much :slight_smile:

stay tuned :twisted:

ps. I can tell you that parts of the final image look great, I’m pretty happy with the results.


Congratulations Arturro, it really looks great. Best of luck.


brilliant! absolutely brilliant! :applause: :slight_smile: :scream: me certainly love the depth in ur imagery!
cool colour combination too! :love:

really looking forward to da final piece!

cheers to u! :beer:

n good luck! :thumbsup:


Just wanted to wish you good luck. The scene looks great. :thumbsup:


I really like the idea behind the image but somehow the hard work that’s gone into making those buildings is lost in the overall image right now, which is a shame! somehow, don’t know if it’s the scale thing or what, they don’t look like buildings but like small kettles dotted around a sandy dune, like a new photoshoot for an Alessi catalogue [I know, sounds ridiculous but that’s the immediate impression I got from looking at it…] Perhaps it’s also the uniform colour scheme that’s doing it and lack of contrast [I do undertand though that those are WIP and test renders]

Still I look forward to seeing more! The deadline’s near :wink:



Thanks everybody!

news from me:
After a few days of non stop rendering / corrections / rendering I’m done with my final image renders. I’ve just finished last renders. Now a few minutes of rest for my computer and I start compositing. Today you will see my final still for EON :twisted:


Yeah! Show us the final image man! Show it now! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: