Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Artur Malczyk


Now I’m trying to make an camera slide as I wrote. With some experiments I foune very interesting camera angle. I think this can be much better to be final one.

You see foreground, astronauts are not ready in 3d yet.

good luck to us all!


Nothingness <- ok, I exaggerated with those 30sek :slight_smile: but still FPS is around 1. With rotating I have to wait a few seconds to see whole scene. My devil machine uses geforce 6600GT. Not that bad. of course I hide most of the objects, view them as bounding boxes, and do all known tricks. I made everything “normal” just for print screens :slight_smile: Thanks for your interest!
more soon…


Ok, I decided that a few bumps in the terrain are too big for this new camera angle. So best way was to modify it… I hope it’s last tweak as I have to move on :slight_smile:


Great modeling arturro … i like what ur doing the organic concept is pretty good and original
if u dont me asking what chamber are u using as inspiration?



very unique design, like it!:scream:



Ok, my great friend Maggie forced me to work more on camera angle… I think this one is better than all previous !


thanks guys!
Leotril <- not good if it’s not noticeable, but these are hanging buildings from Thistledown :slight_smile:


Ok, I made camera slide throigh my scene. 8 seconds… for now only with some lighting concept. No materials and textures yet. Here you can see first, middle and last frame. You can see more about my concept now.

Some things are to be corrected and tweaked still to fight with scale feel, but generally I think I’m heading good direction.

best wishes and marry christmas!


I haven’t dropped by since you added the other structures. It looks like you did a really nice job of keeping with the same general building ‘theme’, which is nice, as it shows that all of the structures were built by the same people with the same general construction practices. Consistency like that really helps when trying to ‘sell’ a fictional image. Nice work and Merry Christmas!


Hi there!
I’ve pushed my picture a bit further. I think I will stay in this mood and with those canyon textures. I have no time left and much to do!
So, please accept my apologies for not watching all your great threads. Time is just killing me.
good luck to all!


Ok, I couldn’t resist :slight_smile:
just a quick test with some clouds. Definitely just a test, not a final one.
stay tuned!


Whatzzuuuuppp!!..hello man…wow i love the realistic look that youre getting with the textures…reallly nice…i think the concept and modeling is very interesting, really like your idea…ill be watcing your thread friend :slight_smile:


Maaaaaaan! This mountains looks great :thumbsup:

Can`t wait to see the whole scene with the suspended town :scream:

Go go go, you can make it :bounce:


Wonderful work, Artur! It’s getting very good.
Is this strait out of max render? You have got a very nice lighting and atmosphere going on there.
But again, it still doesn’t look like a cylinder interior, but more like on-Earth location. If I may suggest: your key light coming from the upper right sight of the image, did you consider adding the plasma tube passing through the upper right corner? It may bring your concept closer to the EON spirit :).

Anyways, great progress!


Thanks guys!

rattlesnake <- Hey mate! glad to see you here now, thanks for support :bounce:

Nomad <- go go go for my computer, I will manage, my little friend can tost itself:)

musi <- thanks! nice siggestions, I have to figure out something… tests, tests, tests, I hope time won’t beat me.


nice works, I am particularly like your landscape design:scream:



landscape are great it’s clear. I particulary like your ambiant light ! good specular. :thumbsup:


Just a sweet render there man. Now i’m very curious to see it all come together.


The latest terrain update looks really solid, although the clouds give it a very different feel than I was expecting to see out of the final piece. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m glad they’re just a test. Other than that keep up the great work man!


This is looking really good! The new realistic rock texture is very beautiful but somehow I prefer the blurred look of the anim viz. It helps bringing out the architecture real well … but I suppose I have to wait until I see how they look in the new texturing before being sure :slight_smile:

Good luck for the final days now :thumbsup: