Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Artur Malczyk


some details…


more details…


Here is a test for final camera angle. It’s not close to the ground, I wanted to put somewhere below the middle. Remember that in the front plan there would be some entry to the chamber, as on my first concept sketch. Stay tuned for more updates. Tonight I will find tim eto go through your entries to see how you all are doing… just not have much time to do it…


Ok, I was supposed not to touch it again, but it was just quick idea…


Hey! that looks good. The view of the whole canyon is impressive :thumbsup:

Nice details too. I like the organic connection of the hanging “buildings”.

Good work, I`m looking forward for more :bounce:


Hi there!

I pushed the city a bit forward… I think modelling is nearly done, I’m quite happy with the results but if you have any ideas just shoot me :slight_smile:

Now I only have to model foreground small astronauts.

I resigned from tall structures dissapearing in th eatmosphere, just would be too much I think. Now it can look a bit busy, but It will be corrected by distance fog and textures


just more shots


and more :slight_smile:


even more :slight_smile:


more :slight_smile:


As you can see in this camera angle it’s not that busy, imagine distance fog, height fog, some moody lighting… should be nice :slight_smile:

These are only print screens, you can see here number of polys and tris… this is of course without everywhere being mesh smoothing. Over 2 mln polys in my poor viewport is far too much, but I hope I will manage to render it somehow.

stay tuned for next updates!
see you soon


It all looks very nice arturro… I love the look and feel of the buildings… keep it up


Thank you icedeyes nice to hear :slight_smile:
and thanks to all before for your comments.

Today I will try to make foreground rocks and small astronauts. And start terrain texturing with some lighting tests.
stay tuned!


Hi. Amazing work, like it very much. Really neat to see your scene coming together. Excited for more details. Good luck.



Nice work! Love your building designs!

It is a bit difficult to determine the scale of the things - you wrote before that it will be clarified later… Your foreground astronauts are good idea.
And it looks like a location on earth, some big mountains side, but not a cylinder.
But I am looking forward to see how it will end!

Best of luck!


Hey arturro, your work is getting more and more interesting each time I see it, I like very much your kind of organic modeling… keep going!


thanks for your comments!
musi <- I think it should clarify while rendering, now I show you just print screens with default max lightingbut of course I know it will be hard to show scale on such big area where giant kilometer objects statd together with tiny a few meters ones.


man, i’m trying to use as little polys as possible, but you sure don’t have a problem with that :twisted:

is there already something done with the shading, or will you mostly be using solid colord?
i hope your not going to have much problems uv-mapping this.

cheers ans good luck


I also try to use as low poly as possible really :slight_smile: to rotate this scene a need 30 seconds :):slight_smile:
I have to do something about it before rendering, there is no way to push it without render farm :slight_smile:

Shading is not done yet, now I’m playiong with camera slide for the animation. Also made foreground rocks. I won’t do astronaut for the animation, only at th eend for final image. Shading will be done tomorrow I hope, for sure I have to add some plating and some textures to fight with scale feel in my scene. Now it’s not too good as these are simple print screens.

stay tuned!


30 seconds !? :banghead:

what kind of system do you have?
of better, how many polys are there now in your scene?

that sure is a hell to work with. I have a 7800GT and can handle enough polys before it goes wild. But if it is needed, you can set the display quality of certin things to bounding box or something. But what i use most at the moment, if the approximation editor for mental ray in maya. I keep the low poly in the scene, and let it get smoothed at rendertime. Much better to work with your scene.

cheers, and i’ll stay tuned :thumbsup: