Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Artur Malczyk


Hi there my friends!
Thanks for your support and interest. I hope not to let you down :slight_smile:
As I found some time I pushed it forward quite well… will show you
more in a minute!

I’m not responding personally to each of you as it is beginning and
nothing specific need my comment at this point.

thanks again !


Ok, here is what I did… those hanging cities will by connected with the main cables stream.

Lot of small cables will go from the big structures(from the funny element on the bottom part), than under the main cable stream, of course they will go down to each city as well.

Each floor o fthe city has landing sites for ships. Buildings inside are just boxes and scatter object - greeble plugin is good, but scatter with instanced boxes is better from the computer resources point of view.


just other views


Ok, here is my idea…

I haven’t decided which colors I will use… also I don’t know how I will organize lighting… But general idea is clear I think.

In the bottom of the valey there will be dry rivers, bridges, and not too tall structures similar to thistle plants:) I found some nice photos of thistle plants and it inspired me. I’m not sure if Mr. Greg Bear thought about them while writing, but their shape should fit here.

As you can see there is an organic style… It will be much smaller after applying materials of stone and silver. It should look like stone/silver immitation of organic structures :slight_smile: I hope it will work here!

On the very foreground there are some astronauts. I will add them at the very end. They will be black shadowed as light sources definitely will be inside of the chamber. I don’t want to make them easily noticeable.

stay tuned for more updates!


Hey arturro… your idea is very original and a very nice implementation of it so far… I like the way you interpretted the hanging buildings… good luck on the challenge mate…


ok, here is what I did today…
more cables. Pictures not very smooth as this all will be seen from the distance


just more shots…




I really like the organic take on the city. My only critique would be that the hanging buildings look a bit bee-hivish. Maybe break up the horizontal lines with a few verticals or work the shape a bit more? Just my two cents. Looking forward to the next update.


thanks for your critique, I didn’t see this before, now I do indeed. But I think that it may dissapear with texturing and general scene setlement. Now there is no feel of scale, weight, etc. I think I won’t change them untill put into the chamber with some materials on it. But thanks for your opinion, will take it under consideration later for sure.


Hey Arturro!
Really great aliensque-looking concept !
I wont personally mind about smilarities with honey-bee-thingys. Few extra antennaes and skilful texturing should be enough :wink:



Maaaaan I see you turned on the modeling afterburners :smiley: you did alot in few days, thats great :thumbsup:

I like what I see but I will wait with any comments until, as you wrote, you have some overall environment then we can see the scale of the city.

Good work :bounce:


Hey Artur, you have some really fascinating models here - love that organic shapes, it really sets my mind off spinning. The concept looks great too all you have to do now is start running, I wish you luck :thumbsup:


I’m liking it more and more. Truly an alien world. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.


Your entry seems to be the most truly alien so far. When alot of people think of sci-fi they seem to just think of earth in about 200 years or so, but who says aliens even USE metal to build stuff, no?


very nice design.

reminds me of many things we can find in nature. Like cities hanging in cocoons.
is this with maya by any chance?



Hi there again!
After a few days of commercial stuff I came back to EON world. I finished chamber model. Now after settling the chamber with my hanging cities I will only tweak some areas near obelisks.

Next step - city on the ground, bridges, long structures going across the chamber up to the atmosphere.


just other shots


Hi everybody!
thanks for your interest and support, hope not to let you down and finish this time :slight_smile:

What I did here…

  1. upper parts of the chamber will be covered with atmosphere, no need to model it
  2. wide dry river on the bottom
  3. my hanging buildings will have their side obelisks somewehre in the middle, shots with buildings tomorrow
  4. camera would be below them, will show final angle test tomorrow
  5. generally I wondered why aliens made hanging buildings… I decided to make unfirendly, hardly accesible area, with little space which forced architects to use vertical space. Probably Mr. Greg thought about something more pleasant, but sorry, it’s my viewing of his idea :slight_smile:
  6. more will clarify with each update… stay tuned

ps. Nothingness -> no maya, sorry, max 4ever :twisted: :bounce:


Hi there!
I finished my hanging buildings. Added some structures to make it more interesting. If I decide to change geometry, it will be only after texturing. There is not much time left, so I have to go on.

best wishes to all!