Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Artur Malczyk


Software: 3ds max

I’ve removed upper ships in my still, they took too much focus out of the buildings.
And finished my animation. Hope you like it:

Play Video >>


Ok, I confused something in the uploader, here is this still, and previous post is my animation :slight_smile:


Wow! The animation really rocks :smiley:
Gongrats for finishing!



some screens from my 3d application


some screens from the animation, it goes so fast that so many things dissapear


Ok, probably noone will notice this, but there are my astronauts at the end of the tunel, they are looking the valley and Thistledown.

This ship which makes a loop or a roll, dissapears behind the rocks just above the astronauts.


i really enjoyed your animation. :thumbsup: seems to be a big scene. great light and you have a special sense to interduce the main landscape… :bounce: good luck to you.


Man Arturo you finished with a HUGE and GLORIOUS bang. I reaaly love the final still but the animation puts the still to shame. Great JOB!!


arrturo i was blown away when i saw ur animation u put a lot hearth into man the music everything … your the front runner man … u got my vote :applause:


Hey Artur,

Just say your video , awesome job on the animation:thumbsup: and the music. Great stuff and good luck with this.


Finally you did it :thumbsup: and with great style :applause:

Great final work, good luck in the final vote :bounce:


Congratulations! Very nice finish!



;/ Why I can’t see no link to the animation? And no Final entry?? Is there something wrong with me? I want to see it!


Thanks everybody!
It was a great pleasure to work on this. It’s my 3rd finished challenge and 5th where I participated. Really great thing to do it, must say most of my 3d progress is thanks to chose challenges and generally to cgtalk. Thanks!

I can’t wait to join next one :twisted:


man arturo your video blows me away:D


that’s just awesome! i love the animation, certainly one of the best entries, so much detail, and a great sense of scale with the tiny astronauts.


Wow what a kickass entry, and i really loved your animation,great,great work!!!congratz:beer:


ya, the image combined with your kickass video is the grand prize worth dude, wish you luck.

good for you that i am out:D;)


Hey man, I had not seen your animation… that’s ace! nice work and Good luck.


Hi everybody!
Thanks for kind words. I’ve uploaded some details after uploading final stuff, so it’s hard to find my animation :slight_smile: I asked Mibus to move it to the top of my page, and now it is there.
good luck to you all!