Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Artur Malczyk


Artur Malczyk is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: astronauts in the animation


Good luck dude :thumbsup: Powodzenia!


heila arturro nice to see you again, I wish you good luck for thsi contest !


Thanks guys!
nice to see you around :cool:

This one will require nice research before some sketches.
From what I’ve read today I think I can base my idea
on the Thistledown. We will see…

for sure it’s the next level of challenges:arteest:

good luck to you all


ah glad to see you in this challenge! have fun friend! good luck!


hiya arturro my old friend. glad to see in a new challenge mate.


Nice to see you joining Artur :smiley: :thumbsup:


Good luck arturro!


Hi Artur! hope u can finish this time! :twisted: see u around :slight_smile:


Hi there guys!
thanks for greetings:thumbsup: I hope to finish this one. maybe starting so soon will help:twisted:
good luck to you all
stay tuned


nice, to see some polish people here :thumbsup:

good luck


Hi there my friends!
at last I started something… I have quite clear idea, but didn’t manage to draw it. Will show some concepts soon.

Now I just show you my first models. Just print screens from max, of course without any meshsmooth:)

I’m making Thistledown as I wrote before. These are buildigs on two opposite caps of the valey/chamber. connected with some kind of cables. I will add more of them there. I will also hang some buildings there…

I think it will clarify when I develop it more, and finally put it on some terrain. Scale is huge, peopla are very little there, but it will also clarify later.

It’s just my beginning… I hope to push it forward fast. Lot’s of work to be done…

best wishes!


just some more print screens from max. Some renders and finished parts soon…

stay tuned! Will be back after weekend.


That’s quite an interesting take on the buildings, looking forward to the next update.


Funkily intreging. Very unique and nice take on thigs. I think I can envision your direction and I’m excited for it!


Cześć Artur,

Glad to see you strated modeling, I`m sure 45 days will be enough for you to achieve a cool project :thumbsup: It looks already interesting…

Good luck and have fun in doing this :bounce:


looking very cool in the moment. :slight_smile: i think you have some really unique shapes here. i will watch you progress. keep it up. :scream:


oh this looks alien-esque and very promising! i love it when you see details both on the outer topology and then some on the inside! grrrreat! keep it up! :thumbsup:




looks pretty cool
I dig your organic look on the buildings
curious to see more


Really cool style you have going for yourself. Let’s see some more! :slight_smile: