Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


derzaj, du prodoleni9 :buttrock:


i think the mood is too happy for a Sci-Fi in the img u last posted.
it may be tweaked to the dark side a little bit. :slight_smile:

cheers… gotta work :eek:


your concept sketch has potential. its interesting to see how this will develop even further.


yeah, great start. :thumbsup: i like the scene… good pre-visualization. :applause:


I like your concept… gives me the same creepy feeling that pan’s labyrinth trailer gave me… nice one… good luck with the contest…


This second concept looks great!!Good job and good luck!:scream:


Absolutely great alien design :scream:

I like alot :bounce: and looking forward to se moooooooore!


Whoa, great pre-vis on the sketch. :eek:
I hope, it’s design in 3d will be amazing :rolleyes:


your style rocks man, great sketch.waiting for more


Nice concept sketches, especially the full final frame concept.

Nice creature also, a bit Predator-ish though. Still very good.

Keep up the good work, I’ll watch with much anticipation!


Nice, very nice!


wow thats a really cool looking idea!
i like how it sort of has a feel thats really different from what how i felt about the book, it shows the idea from a different angle i suppose
either way its going to be awesome i think!
good luck with the challenge!



Thanks all! I am glad that you like mine concepts…
[size=2][size=2]I think it is time to 3d part of work



Great Start!!

good Luck!



Wow, really liking your sketches so far. They are all really nice with a great use of color. Your idea is really good.


very nice concepts so far, I like your style a lot


Well, i don’t know if it is just a first idea…but this is a great idea…:thumbsup:.

Love the char design and the feeling of the enviroment…


Well, very nice begining! Good luck, my friend!


Nice art but what is the creature you are making?


Nice start! Good luck to you :thumbsup: