Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Angel Nieves


@ Andrei- Thanks!:thumbsup:

@ nwiz25- I don’t know about the lens flare but if I have time I’ll play with the haze idea. Thanks buddy!

@gringer- I understand what you mean; there are a couple of circles that aren’t too visible now in that area that I think will be cool to show more of. I’ll revisit it if I get the chance.

@walrus- thanks man! the concentric circles was a great idea, I think it adds a lot more interest. The animation is rendering right now, I don’t think I’ll have the time to polish it like the still image but at least it will serve its porpouse of showing the nature of 3d of the hi-rez still image.

Thanks guys!


I really dig the updates! The concentric rings really add a sense of depth and scale to the scene. I also like the color mods as well.

I’m really looking forward to your animation. :smiley:


Thanks mlynch! As it turns out I learned about the deadline extension last night, so it seems I’ll have some time to polish the animation after all.


I just love the chamber sky - Looks Awesome!

Good Luck. :applause:


Hey Angel,

You have done lots of work since I last saw this:thumbsup: . I like what you have done with the background now and the figure in the foreground works well. Sorry for not being around during your progress , next time :slight_smile: . Good luck with this.


The last update looks great dude.

Congrats for a job well done,its just great.


Congrats for a spetacular job!
Hope o see your animation soon :slight_smile:


Dark Oracle, thanks dude!:thumbsup:

mmoir, no problem and thanks!

SONIC-X, thanks man, really appreciated.

taavi, thanks! I’m re-rendering an element of the animation. Hopefully will be done with it soon; I better, I have some other things I have to work on lined up.


Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D,Maya,Photoshop

Finally finished! I wanted to show Patricia awe struck by the spectacular view of Thistledown. I was immediately inspired when I read the snippet in the “inspiration” section of the challenge site… I guess it did its job :wink:

I’m in the process of reading the novel and I’m really enjoying it.

I’d also like to thank everyone who contributed to the progress of my entry, helping me making it better each time. Thanks!

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SNoWS my great friend you did one he!! of a fantastic job. You accomplished want you envivionsed and I love it. This has been and still is one of favorite of all. It manages what most other don’t. It captures the size and incomprehensible beauty of ThistleDown. Loved the anaimtion especially the way you closed with the still shot. Great GREAT work!!!
Best of luck with the judging!


This is simply top notch sci-fi illustration in the most classical sense, Angel.
Good job well done.


I agree 100% procent ! Job brilliantly done :slight_smile:


Hey SNoWs, very good job indeed. Good luck.


aurora, JamesMK, taavi and claudio_jordao: thank you all very much! I am really thrilled that you all like it and really appreciate all the support.:thumbsup:


Hi everyone, I just wanted to post a higher res image and a couple of details at full res for you all.

2k wide full image

Patricia detail at Full res
Building 1 Full res




I just looked at your video, nice job on it:thumbsup: . I like the cut at the end to the still picture, great job on this and good luck.


awesome job! good luck with it


Wow, beautiful work Angel. I wish I had seen this challenge earlier as this is one of my favorite books. Maybe I could try something though in the few days remaining…


i missed your final render and animation, sorry man.
You’ve made a excellent work and i agree with James, great real SF power in this still.

:thumbsup: Best of luck for the follow-up Angel


Thanks guys for all the comments!:thumbsup:

I’m glad that I finished it a little sooner than the new deadline; I got swamped with work, phew, dodged the bullet.