Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Angel Nieves


Heya man,

That model is really quite good! Nice one! Maybe leave off the doo das on the suit and add some extra interest points with textures. Good luck dude.

Cheers :smiley:


Here is a Open GL Screen shot of Patricia’s head showing the face texture.

Still need to paint spec and diffuse. I think I’ll texture the suit with procedurals to save some time.


I’m starting to see the finish line…
Here is Patricia with shaders. The suit has a simple shader that with compression is pretty much obliterated, Need to add a basic joint structure and drop her in the main scene… almost done.


That is excellent. Fantastic job.

Cheers :smiley:


Not much time, so just dropping by quickly.

Nothing to crit right now. She’s looking real fine. :smiley: She looks even more like Eva now that you have her face painted. The hair could use some alphas painted for the transparency. I think that could help with the look of it. Disregard if you’re already working on that. :smiley:

Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments and support guys!:thumbsup:

I’ve been busy making a simple rig for Patricia and posing her for the scene. I thought of the transparency map for the hair, I actually built the hair polies in layers to accomodate this but she is real small in the final composite. If I happen to have time I’ll add the transparency map for the animation but I’m pushing it as it is since I haven’t painted it yet… will see.


Allright, here I added Patricia to the scene, added the flaw and clean some things up a bit.

Time to work on a quick animation to finally call it done. :wink:


I like the scene dude,great work.


I love how you have depicted the far side of chamber, just a hint of the technology shining through the atmosphere. Beautiful architecture :D.



This is looking great, SNoWs! Lovely environment and beautiful colors! And I love that you’ve added Patricia in in the end, it’s a good touch. Have you considered lowering the mountains directly behind her so that she breaks the plane of that landscape? It could help her stand out more, compositionally.

The shadows of the railing banisters on the ground confuse me a bit. The shadows of some of them, especially the ones on the right, look like their being cast from a light that’s off-screen to the right… Yet we can see the main source of light, the plasma-tube, going down the center. If anything, the light would be coming from that. And even that isn’t just off in the distance, casting light like a sunset would… becuase it’s also directly overhead. (I think Bear described it as more diffuse light, like on a bright but overcast day.) So that could entail rethinking the shadows some…? Well, up to you…

I like the hints of the rest of the chamber vaguely visible in the sky. It helps make the scene look like it’s in a cylinder, but even knowing that, I have to push the brain a bit to make the connection. I think you could push it a bit more: What if, in addition to having hints of the far walls running down the length of the cylinder, you also have some ginat circles, running the circumference of the cylinder? I think that possibly could help drive the geomentry home better, and still be subtle enough to not “ruin” the rest of your piece.

Anyhow, just a few ideas. Really beautiful work, either way. Good luck!



SONIC-X: Thanks!

LightSovereign: Thank you for the comments, really appreciate it.

Walrus: thanks for the comments and suggestions! I’m fixing the platform and railing as we speak, I have added a cool light to pull that area out more. I also made the railing smaller which helps with scale. I see what you mean with the shadows but at this point that’s really not doable. It would require a redo of the lighting and I haven’t even done the animation yet.:sad:

The railing shadows didn’t bother me since it hints to other possible structures, rooms, etc with different lighting conditions. I think the new update with the cool light will bring that home… hopefully.

I think I still have time to do the concentric circles which is a very cool idea! Let’s see if I can pull it off on time.


Excellent work, Angel! You’ve really captured the essence of classic science fiction illustration… From the use of color and light, to the POV, to the juxtaposition of humanity in relation to technology… really a superb job thus far.

I also like the subtleties in design that play off of each other like the soft and fluid banners that hang on massive buildings that really carry a sense of weight.

Really a great job! :scream:


SNoWs you know your project is one of the top 5 out of the entire contest as far as the evolution and final product your bringing. You have done such a magnifecent job and trust me with the app issues I have ran into I again assure you that you made a great choice in apps to work with.

Good Luck my friend!!!


Great design. I would only add some tine light on the hanging buildings, that would show scale much more and would add a nice mood. Second advice is to make plasma tube wider at the top, it would also make the scale better, the image would be deeper. Even if that would be artificially made (I suppose that you just put normal tube) by widening one end of the tube, I would go for it.

best luck!


mlynch: Thanks buddy, really appreciate the comments!

aurora: Thanks Tim! Hopefully the app problems you experienced this time won’t be an issue for the next one.

arturro: Thanks for the comments! I’m affraid I have to stop working on the illustration and focus on the animation in order to fulfill the challenge requirements. If after I finish the animation I still have time I’ll revisit it.

BTW I’ll post the final comp tonight when I get home.


wow man ! cool image , good job ! lwt us see the final one and the animation :smiley:
good luck man !


Here it is, added the concentric circles, made the railing smaller and added a cool light to the platform. Now time to finish the simple animation.


hey buddy! so much has happened with ur concept :eek:
awesome transformation man!:applause::D:scream:

details … lighting … colour … mood … astounding! :eek:

will it be possible for u add 2 elements ? … haze at the horizon & a lens flare effect … just an idea … u can come up with smthin much much better than what i suggested … :wink: :thumbsup:

plus for ur animation . u cud try some volumetric lighting … so that awesome rays of light can be seen passing by those enormous objects! :eek:
( dont kno if i put it right :smiley: hehe )

wishing u da best buddy! good luck! :thumbsup:

god bless ya!


Mate, that is such a beautiful image. I really love it. The feeling is great. One thing that I can’t get past however, is the ‘overlay’ look of the sky/sunset matt you’re using. It seems really obvious to me that the red glow down the end is actually a sunset. If I were you, I’d try and do something to make that less obvious and integrate the image more into the piece.

In any case, I think you’re a finalist.

Good luck! :smiley:


Nice work on the changes! I love the concentric circles, and the new work on the balcony looks nice too. Good going! And now you’ve got plenty of time to do your aniamtion too… :slight_smile: