Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Angel Nieves


I was side tracked by most important things but finally I’m back. Since Patricia is Latina I picked Eva Mendes as my model to reference, lucky me ;). Even tho she was born in Canada her folks are obviously Hispanic.

Using Eva might prove to be counter productive :slight_smile:


Hey SNoWs, good casting :slight_smile: and cool start!


yeah dude nice works, and the eye of eva looks good so far, show her nude on the balcony and you will win:D


Thanks for the comments guys. :thumbsup:

@VietEmotion, LOL good one, she will be dressed, hope I don’t dissapoint you tho.


Tonight I didn’t have much time to work on this but here is what I have so far.


Just posting a little progress on Patricia. I wish I had good distortion free front/side views of Eva but I wasn’t able to find any so I’m trying to wing it.


Here is the finished face, still need to finish the jaw, add eyelashes and neck; then on to clothes.


Just a quick update showing the finished head model… on to the suit.


Snows … I like very much all the work u have done in the challenge :smiley: im having some problems with my head model i lost a couple nights working on it and since ur using nurbs probably u can help :sad: …

i was following this tutorial but i dont understand the method the describe for patchin in maya i dont find that option what i can do is an operation call loft but with just 11 splines also i cannot connect the splines that made the topology (page 2 tut they describe taht is basically making another splines for the topology) this method is with polys as u can see … well i star lofting the splines u know from top to botton when i didi the loft it connects the vertices kinda but is not as precise as in the tutorial but at least i got something but is not pretty yet…:slight_smile: do u follow me ?

well i leave for now hope u can help me … i will post in a couple of hours maybe ill post all that on my forum… later


Hi Leotril, thanks for the comments. Even though I’ve been using Maya all along this challenge, I am modeling the girl with Lightwave. I can model characters in Maya just fine but I like LW’s Subdivision surfaces and poly tools better, there is really no other reason.

This head is a Subdivision surface model not NURBS. I recognize the tutorial, I think that the author is Peter Ratner. To be completely honest with you I never liked to model a head the way as shown in that tutorial, for me it is unefficient, this is not to say that it is a bad technique, I just personally don’t like it. I prefer to work with polies from the get go and use the extend technique to gradually build the mesh. This way I place the edgeloops exactly where I want them rightaway. I usually start with the eye area and then extend rows of polies until the eyes and top of the head are built, then I move on to the mouth and nose and then ears last just cause I hate making ears.

The most important thing to have when modeling a head is great reference material and patience. I know, not very useful feedback but my advice is that if you are having a tough time modeling the base head with patches as shown in the tutorial then don’t model by placing polygons to match your reference images.

I guess I can go more into detail if you wish me to but right now have to catch some sleep :wink:


good work !. what are you going to use for hair?


Great work on your Patricia’s head SNoWs. Show us more!


Thanks for dropping by guys!

I’m not sure what to use for hair right now, she is relatively small in the scene so I might be able to do poly hairs.

For the suit… I’m designing something of a cross between some Star Wars design and the chick from Blue Sub 6. Will not be as detailed since I’m running out of time and haven’t animated anything yet.

I’ll post some pics of the suit when I have something worth showing.

Wish me luck.


Hvae lost some sleep the last couple of nights. Have been working on the body… before I keep detailing the suit I need to make the arms.


Here are the arms for Patricia. Now some detailing, hair, textures and rendering.

I have to fix the dip right above her butt, it should be a little smoother.


Hey Snows. Good to see that your entry is still coming along strong. You have plenty of time to finish this one on time. :slight_smile:

Patricia is looking real nice. One crit. I think the boots could definitely use a bit more detailing. They look very plain compared to the rest of her. Other than that, I think you could move onto texturing her. Have you decided what you will be doing in terms of her hair?

Keep up the pace and good luck! :beer:


Hi Jedi-Juice, always with good crits :wink: You are definately right I think some detailing for the boots would be appropiate. I added some wrinkles to the arms and right now I’m modeling the hair, decided to model the hair instead of going with Maya’s hair cause time is running out. When I finished modeling the hair I’ll work on the boots and I’ll post an update to get more feedback before moving on to texturing.

Thanks for the feedback! :thumbsup:


Coming along quite well, Angel! That’s some quick modeling, too. Good job on the folds in the clothing.

See you at work


Hello everyone.

Here is the finished model of Patricia. I’m debating wether or not to add doodas to the suit. Added details to the arms, boots and made poly hair.


Hay man, thanks for the comments:thumbsup: See you tomorrow.