Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Angel Nieves


Your last render looks great. :thumbsup:

A few crits. IMO, the banners are blowing in the wind a bit too much. But that’s just me. Perhaps they would look better toned down. :shrug:

Also, isn’t the flaw infinite? At least that’s what I remember from the book. Right now it seems to end /begin with the second building from the left.

One more. :slight_smile: To me the city kind of gets lost with the background. Sort of blends in too much. Maybe you can try adding brighter lights or perhaps some reflective hot spots might do the job.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Patricia? :slight_smile:


I think you are right, banners of that size wouldn’t be blowing that much unless there’s really strong winds. I’ll tone that down.:thumbsup:

The flaw is FPO (for position only) I’ll render that separately to add glow, bloom etc in post.

It’s funny, thought the city was popping out too much… I can add the hot spots in post, good idea, thx!

Next is the handrail on the platform and then Patricia which I have no concepts for :argh:


Here is a small update, added the cables to the buildings so the hang and not float :wink: added a cool fill light but forgot to turn shadows on and some detail got lost. Added the handrail and a FPO box which will become Patricia.


nice work, just a question are youu going to add some weight to the hanging building?


there is some weight, the perspective is getting rid of the effect and I didn’t want to emphasize it more… but maybe I should reconsider…


Well done texture :smiley: :smiley: ,I guess I have a wickness for this kind of afternoon.Like your scene .

Good luck, Spire.


Coming along nicely. :thumbsup:

It’s difficult to imagine how those building are being held up by those cables, but it’s my understanding that gravity isn’t so strong here from reading the book. So i guess it’ll work. Besides, this is sci-fi afterall. :smiley:


Thanks for the comments guys. The cables are held by structures at the ends, these are out of frame so there is really no need to make them. I just borrowed the Novel from a friend and although it is too late to make new interpretations I’m looking forward to reading it.:thumbsup:


The other day I was talking with a friend of mine about the sky and the idea I had of compositing a layer of rocks to suggest the walls of the stone. He suggested to add support beams and have the stone show through the spaces in between. I liked the idea and here I started to work it out.


Huge but incredibly nice and important change to your scene! Now its something I can actually see from the book. In fact this is a description from ‘Eternity’ the seguel to Eon.
'-the presidents third chamber apartment, located on the peak of the highest building in the chamber spanning curtain structure on which skyscrapers hung like crystals from a spiders web. ’

Nice change and move. Just note the chamber’s width is ~50km and ~30kn long.


very nice work ! snows! can’t wait how the stone wall effect the new composition of your image:thumbsup:


hehe ! some interesting change !! can’t wait to see how you turn it out Snows !


Hey guys, thanks for the feedback! Now I know for sure its a good decision.
I will composite this behind the clouds and hopefully it will feel like it is inside the stone andstill keep the atmosphere, clouds etc. Seems like I have to make the beams smaller to make the space feel larger, the stone textures will help with scale as well.

I’ll paint the stone textures tonight and hopefully experiment with compositing this and the clouds during the weekend.



hey Snows,

great work you’ve done.
the wires make it indeed so that the buildings don’t float. But since you don’t see anything that is holding the cables, the cables and buildings seem to float together :argh:

just a thought!



Here is what I came up for the new background. The support beams and stone are seen through the clouds. I tried to keep the same kind of mood. I think this works much better, gives a better sense of the location without sacraficing the nice sunset look too much. What do you all think?


I think I absolutely agree! The new background is now really part of ThistleDown. Can’t wait to see what the two look like together and then have the plasme tube thrown in. This is really shaping up!


Hi, the scene looks wonderfull so far but I guess there is a single issue in my opinion. The light source and the shadows I think are not on the right place.

Regards, Spire.


Hello everyone, I spent my “eon time” the last couple of daysrendering and troubleshooting but finally came up with a comp to show. Added more buildings to the city, rendered passes etc. Now I’m going to dedicate some time to Patricia… need to pick up the pace.


Looks fabtasic together.The only concern I have is, is the roof high enough when/if you put the plasma tube into the scene.


Hey aurora! There is plenty of space for the plasma tube… which I forgot to render so thanks for the reminder.:smiley: