Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Angel Nieves


LOVE the detail in the new building! It will add tons to your scene!


cheers guys! I’m not feeling so good now with a cold so texturing will have to wait until I feel better.

BTW Jedi-Juice… chandelier buildings… I like that :wink:


well, I’m finally getting over my cold but now I started a new job and so I won’t have much time to work on this during the weekdays.

Here is what I have so far for the building textures… the top saucer shape is pretty much done; everything else is still in wip status.


I like the banners, add some picts’ to them and they’ll be uber-neat. I Love the clear crystal look down belwo, but I think the yellow ones are a tad to bright and clean right now. Add some transpancy ‘look’, some bump, lower diffuse a hair and I think that will help clean up those yellow ones real nice.


It looks good overall. But for some reason I don’t get the feeling of how enormous this thing is. Maybe some more fine detail on the textures would help with this? Then again, it depends on how close up this will be in the final image.


hey guys, thx for the feedback!

I’m not crazy about the gold bottom either I haven’t painted any textures for it but I will, it might be a different color when I’m done. The banner texture is a velvet shader and I also need to paint some kind of pattern for them, have no clue yet but I better figure something out soon.

I’m painting at 4k so If I decide to get close I can… I’ll post some close ups soon. Off to paint:thumbsup:


Here is an update to the building, I still haven’t touched the banners or the golden bottom, those are next


Hey Angel,

Nice progress since I last saw your thread, the cityscape is looking good as is the hanging building. :thumbsup: I have a couple of comments . With the cityscape ,I think changing the ground texture where the buildings sit too suggest some sort of roads would help merge the buildings to the ground better. And the hanging building looks good on the top part but I think it could use more of the small skinny antennea’s or arrays , I think this would help out with the scale or size of this hanging structure.
Good luck the rest of the way.


Hey Mike, thx for the comments, you know, I’ve been hesitant to add antenas and that sort of thing to the hanging buildings, I’m affraid that they would look more like hanging cities… maybe its just me.


Here is the latest update, after solving some Maya crashing issues I was able to render a test… need to tweak the lighting and I’m going to scale down the tall buildings of the city below. The bg is blurry cause it is FPO. Need to make the cables that hold the buildings, some decorative hand rails for the FG and Patricia… still lots to do.


Man this is really starting to shape up my friend! The new texturing and comp is looking much better. I’m curious to know why your going with an earth like sky though?


Nice Hanging buildings! It looks like you really know where you’re headed with this scene and its starting to shape up nicely!

one suggestion - I have to say the bg and the hanging buildings really don’t seem to copliment eachother yet… i mean you can tell they were added ontop as a cg element… The city on the other hand looks integrated brilliantly!

I do love the look of the scene and can’t wait to see where you go with it!

[font=Verdana]- I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully as soon as I get some work finished you’ll have a look and let me know what you think. Cheers! :thumbsup: [/font]


Thanks for dropping by guys!

@aurora- no particular reason really. I thought it would make for an interesting background while saving on production time. At first I thought that maybe there was some sort of tech to be able to support life but since I haven’t read the novel maybe I’m totally off but now it is too late to change this I think.

@Bergquist- I see what you mean, I think that’s because of the lighting which I need to fix. My fill lights are too bright. Good luck with your entry, looking forward to checking it out:thumbsup:


I updated the lighting here, I think it’s close to finished with the exception of some little light fixtures for the buildings and some dedicated lights for Patricia when I make her.

Notice that the tall buildings in the city below aren’t as distracting anymore.


Very Nice! The slight lighting changes helped a lot! All the elements now seem as one :smiley:

where do you think your character will go?


Hi, thnks for the comments:thumbsup:

I think I’m going to stick with the sketch for now and see how well it works. In the sketch she’s at the far left bottom of the image. I’m going to add a decorative hand rail to the platform and maybe have her hold on to it.


it’s a great matte you got here ! i really love the cityscape and all work done on the hanging building, especially the architectural style, which is perfect to me for this kind of “building in air” ! :thumbsup:
what kind of cam travelling do you plan ?


At this point I’m not 100% sure on what to do with the cam. I’ll sort it out after I finish all the elements I suppose.

The last couple of days, I’ve been testing rendering times. It was taking a rediculous long time to render (over 24h on a third of the image at half res) I trouble shooted until I found the culprit… shadows were set to “segmented” which is used more when using volumetric effects. Changed it to something else and the image rendered in 23 minutes at half res :wink:

I’ll post that tonight.


oh man from 24h to 23min :scream: . it’s not really the same ! Fortunately you’ve found problem. it’s a test i should do one of this days.

wait and see tonight for your shot ! :thumbsup:


ok here is an update, added flow to the banners, added the flaw which is FPO. The city I think got too bright with the new changes so I need to fix that. Also need to fix some surfaces that are just too reflective.