Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Angel Nieves


Nice start SNoWs!. I have to agree though that the gorund plane is a bit bright and I might add a bit more of a blue tinge to it from the plasma tube. Can’t wait to see some of your modeling for this!


Thanks for the comments guys! I’m really far behind now. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work on this and get it done. I would like to but there are other things I need to take care of first.

If I’m able to keep working on this I’ll work out the ground issues after I model the city that goes on top of it. I’m thinking that the ground will be barely visible but no way to be certain until I model the city. Then I’ll finish the shadows and all that stuff.

Thanks guys!


some re-touches will be fine . keep going



well dude… me dont kno which road u gonna take … but i love this work! :love:

cheers! :beer:


started modeling the low res city seen in the distance. Still many buildings to make in order to make a decent size city.


Here is a test render of the low res city… nothing spectacular up close like this but from a distance it should provide an interesting skyline.


here is the city with some “windows”


Hi Angel

Nice Valley you got there…
Think this is going to be a intresting Thread.

The retouched valley is going to be filled with beautifull models!
Keep up the good work.



Hey, SNoWs, i absolutely love your matte painting! I’ve always beena sucker for a pretty sky, and yours is right up there. The city is looking good so far, but very terrestrially-scaled, nothing quite out of the ordinary yet… Have you considerred fooling around with the window sizes? This may sound obvious, but makign the iwindows half the size will make the buildings look twice as large, which might help you to hit a more impressive scale befitting the cities in the Stone… Anyhow, just an idea. Best of luck with it!



Love the city work. Curious on how (or if) your going to add this city to your landscape. To make youfeel better your ahead of me. I finally caved and entered yesterday but have not done more on my concepts then crude sketches in class instead of paying attention to complex matrix manipulations (sketching was deff less of a headache causer!)


Thanks for the comments guys! I like the idea of making the windows bigger. That way they will also show more. I dropped the city in an it seems like I need to make a lot more buildings to fill the space. I’ll post an update soon.:thumbsup:


Started placing the city. Need to make an extra tall building to get rid of a couple of copies. Also made a dummy of the hanging buildings just to see how they might work out in the scene.


I like the atmosphere, i’m curious about the progression of the floating buildings.



Whoa, good work! i like the composition, lighting, color, mood, and detail. Keep it up.


here is the begining of the main hanging buildings. Still ways to go with this model.


added some details to the building. The challenge with this one is going to be some crystal (or glass) pieces I’m going to model for the lower section.


hey buddy! :stuck_out_tongue: freakin modeling work man! :eek:

cant wait to c more details! :bounce:

cheers dude! :beer:


Nice start, I like the big building :thumbsup:

Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:


Here is the finished hanging building… unless I decide to add some more small details… I quickly put this together from screen grabs so forgive the perspective shift… I’m planning on having the flags waving and I would like to apply a glass type of shader to the tapering panels towards the bottom. Hopefully it won’t bring my system to its knees.


Hey Angel. I really like the details you put into the “chandelier” buildings. Beautiful architecture. It’s going to look really sweet when you get to texturing it.