Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Angel Nieves


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Latest Update: Final Render: Awe at Thistledown


I took a break from challenges since I was so busy but in a couple of weeks I’ll have some time, so why not participate?


Yeah! great descition Pal, Welcome in and good luck :slight_smile:


good to have you back!
hope to see some great art here :arteest:
good luck


When reading the inspiration page Thistledown just clicked for me… this is the first thing that came to mind. The arrows show the possible animation path I might take with this; will see, might be too much.


maybe considder to make more of the hanging buildings isible. Meaning, place the camera so, that you have more a sence of the enormous depth and size.

And i guess the animation path is too much. You have to considder that you need to model and make much more that will be visible with the othere camera angles.



I agree Thistledown is the one that got me excited, It’s nice to see someone else using the hanging buildings concept like myself. I like the sketch though I agree with Nothingness in that the animation maybe too much, perhaps something more subtle?


Yeah I agree… would be nice but too ambitious I think. I’ll concentrate on the 3d illustration and then will come up with a plan for the animation. Thanks for the feedback guys :thumbsup:


Heila I wish you all the best Angel… very intrigung concept sketch, will wait for next steps.



Hey man, just dropping by to wish you luck! You were a big help to me in the spectacular challenge. Looking forward to watching your progress here.


Hey guys! thanks for the words :slight_smile:

I’ll have more time to make rounds and work on my entry very soon. Need to meet a big deadline first :wink:


I have to tell you, I wasn’t feeling too inspired with the challenge lately. So I surfed through the Digital Matte Painting forum, got inspired and made the matte background… it’s not finished yet but I have a clear direction on where to place the elements now and I have a color palette to work from as well. This is made with 3 different photos and then I retouched them and painted some more details.


sorry but the ground plate is way too bright for this sky, not matching at all. Neither are there any shadows cast from that setting sun. Keep it up.


hence the “not finished part” :wink:

thx for the comments, I’ll post an update soon… I hope.


Hey Angel,

Great looking matte painting , once you add the touch ups it will look great . Good luck with your entry.


Really a great stsrt you have here ! It’s looks very nice… :thumbsup:
Agree with the comment of mv… but like you say is a wip !


really nice concept and really nice matte.


Nice start! :thumbsup:


I haven’t had much time to work on this, I’m really falling behind. Here is a quick update with the mountains retouched a bit. No sense to fine tune right now since I have to build the elements and a city is going to cover most of the valley.

I hope to start modeling soon.


Beautiful looking start. Looks quite natural and photoreal. Nice color too!