Eon (3D Scene) Entry: andre richter


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Latest Update: Shading (Textured and lit): olmy haircut


i was working some times on the challenge, but i didn´t know if i will enter here.
so now i will try my best. hope i can finish my entry this time :wink:
this are the early sketches of the frant.
yes, i will try me on the scene were Olmy and a Frant meet Patricia.
first of all i will concentrate on the charakters then i will build up the scene.
good luck to all entrants…


here is an sketch from the body. looking funny to me :wink:
but later i decided to make him more like a human…


so here is the 3d model of him. i really tryed out some shapes of the sketches i did, but after tweeking the mesh and looking at the proportions i came up with this… :wink:


sweet concept sketches. I really love the cute version all the way to the right in the sketch of the profiles.

Great model. My only crit is that he looks too serious and angry. I’ve always imagined the Frants to be more cheerful and happy, like in your profile sketches. It’s your call though.

Good work!


thx nakaikoi :slight_smile: i know what you mean. maybe later he will get a little smile from me. :smiley: :slight_smile:


here is a first texture test of the frant. the textures are handpainted in bodypaint. i also did some hair like the sketch…


hey your frant is really kewl and modeling is clean ! i like the deformation of his head and global shape !
Good luck to you MacAndre :thumbsup:


the deformation of the head was really a challenge for me .:slight_smile: i did saveral modifikations and i find it hard to come to an result with balanced proprotions. :scream: thx for your reply SweD.


here is a wire and a closer look at the head…
in the moment there is only a color and a bump map with a little sss. but i think i´am not finish. i will decide if i will add some more details when i have the composition of the image (scene)…


Nice looking topology on the Frant! He looks a little too human for my tastes, but that’s just me. Looking forward to see how he turns out in the end.


Hey ! Nice job Andre ! The frant looks cool. More human. Your texturing skills are great !
Keep the good work !


@ gpepper and Jedi-Juice: i know the frant looks like a human, but i think i will keep this concept. maybe i will do some more tweeking. :slight_smile:


i made some cloth for the frant. i keep it very simple, but i think that fit good to him :wink:
the textures of the cloth are not final. will add some dirt and some graphics i think…


here is a closer look. and i add some eyes…


No matter man, I like how he is. The human look seems better to me. In the book the frant have psychological abilities more than human, I think it is a good point to give him this look. Most of the frant I saw in this challenge look like monsters, I don’t think this is sensible.


nice work, i like your skin texture much much! :] is that cloth simulated or modeled and shaped? looks good too! hope to see more good luck!



thx ragdoll :slight_smile: the cloth is modeled, it is just a plan, so very easy… :smiley:


just to show the front and backside from an overview position…


That design shaped up pretty nicely, and you just can’t argue with such nice and hairy legs!

I’d say the alien features are stronger that the human similarities, so IMHO his certainly alien enough to pass his frant exams. My only crit would be that, anatomically speaking, he would hardly be able to have any use for his pectoralis major due to the lack of proper tendons - but then again this area is now cleverly hidden by his upper body clothing, so it’s probably nothing to worry about :smiley:

Looking forward to some motion tests!