Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


Kom igen fellah, ge inte upp, jag vill se vad detta kan leda till :slight_smile:
And mv, what a kompis you are :stuck_out_tongue:


…Potatoes and guinee pigs… nice to see the world is still retaining some level of normality :smiley:


Indeed - we’ve got a big crew of scientists working on figuring out the exact level of normality at this very moment. It’s currently leaning towards 0.00347.


nah that can’t be right, sounds like thy forgot to square the potatoe and grease the pig :wise:


Well, after squaring the potato, we’ve got 0,0000120409 - looking really gloomy in other words.


is starting to look more like my bank ballance :scream:


What? You’ve apparently stolen MY bank balance…


consider it a favour :slight_smile:


You have one of the best pre-viz styles out there. Always fun to see what is next. good Job.


thanks everyone! this was a new try…

but i kinda went in and detailed this concept so much i don’t see the point of doing in in 3d anymore :banghead:
and as James is doing a much cooler one i think i will regret choosing this path.

so after all these concept i think i will revert back to my first idea! or maybe a new concept sketch… :slight_smile:




Your idea is unique man… i like what you have done so far… James idea goes to a completely different route… I like both and really thik you should get it on… Just my suggestion anyway…


m@ and icedeyes,
thanks! I went with along with my first idea as the library pic feelt just like… a library… :smiley: nothing fun or special with it imo, even though it could have made a nice pic in the end.

i started to block out the first concept… but meanwhile i came up with another, similar idea.
dunno which way to choose yet. maybe i need to develop the new idea further before i go on with the first concept so i know for certain which way i’m gonna concentrate on…
any opinions?


great style!i love it.and the model is great too.great work.


First concept. The sleepy small town feel is just great. Go for it!


I would say, go with your original concept more than the night one… nukes leave an orange trail so even the lighting is correct… The people in panic are also the highlight of the image and they are not in the last one… I pressume the first was after the nukes struck and the night one was when the Potato came into orbit?

I like both but your original one just feels better…


I like your first concept’s composition and colors better. Cool style. My only crit on the first one would be the earthquake damage on the road. There is no mention of earthquakes in the book and that is a significant detour from the book.


thanks everyone! I went along with the small town idea as u(and i) prefered.

hm true… but removing the crack will remove so much from the pic that i will leave it in. let’s just say it’s a crack caused by the war… :slight_smile:

here’s the update:

c&c welcome, ofcourse!


This is the most unique one here, I LIKE THE CARTOON STYLE!

Really enjoy look it at your works!:slight_smile:



well, you sure have put a lot of time into thinking up the pre-vis… And Its halarious! All three concepts are great, and while you’ve kept your cartoony style the professional look is amazing! I also love the composition of colors in this revision of your original design! The aftermath morning haze feel is really comming through!

It will be interesting to see how this all comes to gether in 3D

ps… I wanna see more crazy people duking it out for the Tater! =P

[font=Verdana]- I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully when I pull something together you’ll have a look and let me know what you think.[/font]