Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


haha it can be hard to have friends such as mathias and charles… and now you to, james… wooooaw… all the bastardiness, this is what i love with these challenges ! :applause:

hey Reza, old buddy!! that idea really rocks…! it gave me a visual image in my head while reading that, maybe i will bring it to paper for fun…

heheh mad hatter, why not! it was suppose to resemble uncle sam though, with a few kilos extra :slight_smile:


no update ?

stop spanking !


Another cool sketch !
You kill us again !


The Dark Side of the Piglet? :argh:


thanks guys!

here is a concept of the third chamber (click image for bigger view)

although there is no point of action in this pic i will try to implement that if i choose this idea.
any crits or ideas are welcome!


damn, that’s actually cool :confused: pff…


thanks kompis! must be the make nice day today? :smiley: … we will see later… :applause:


That last one looks pretty sweet. Good to see you in a challenge for once ;), it was a while. :bounce:


Wha?!? No potatoes and hamsters? Ah man! :smiley:


hey azazel,
thanks for stoping by mate! i kinda like the last one best to… i think i will go in that direction… just change some things to make it more like the book description and add a point of action/meaning to the pic.
what about you, joining this time? or maybe its not a challenge anymore after u have won the grand prize?! :wink:

heheheh, nah… even though i like potatoes its way to of topic. it was just to have fun and try to find a style :slight_smile:


just text and no update ? whaaaaaaaaaa


hahaha :smiley: stop hitting F5 waiting for ppl to update, go ahead and do something urself pute!! :wip:


GOSH!.. :eek: Im another time amazed:bounce: great…and i mean !!!GREAT!!! concepts!..hem…now im dreraming to see both in 3d…:buttrock:


I’m joining, as soon as i have some time. As nice as the prizes are, i wouldn’t enter if it wasn’t so much fun :bounce:.


Hmm, Fellah… That’s quite a sporty concept right there.

I’m guessing you’ll want use those rivers/canals to make a neat sort of lines-converging-towards-the-main-focal-point trickery then, huh??++questionmark


Nice concept, especially THE first one, with hands hanged in crevasse, there is a man hid in there ??, :slight_smile: ( i suppose he play a game. ARF!)

comeback next update.


hey OZ,
old challenger friends! thanks for stoping by, i m glad u like it :slight_smile:

azazel… i will make sure you wont find time… :smiley:
kidding, really look forward to seeing you in this one!

hah… u mean it looks like a stadium? didnt think about that. but as u mentioned “sporty”… :slight_smile:
yea the rivers are meant for something like that… even though there is nothing in the focalpoint it added a place to go to in the pic… i guess.

hehehe sharp eye you got seeing that little fella in there :slight_smile: gonna come with an update in the future but it looks like i will be much to busy for some time ahead now… thanks for stepping by.


ble no a single gp or potatoe visable, just a big smurfvillage… :frowning: pfff
rofl :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he already stopped working on it…


hehehe sacha u batard!! it is a quite boring concept but it helped me explore the style a bit! :slight_smile:

et m@… pffffiou… what are you for a kompis? a kompis should be kind and helpful… and maybe draw me a concept to make up for all this…