Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


i am really glad to see that the conceptmake make ppl smile just as it did to me while drawing it :slight_smile: thanks everyone for your cheering, much appreciated!

hehehe true… so here comes a kinda grey image just to fit into the masses :slight_smile:

so then i might be the lonely toon… :frowning: try to ignore prices and alot of new opportunities and styles opens up! :slight_smile:

dont think i will join the illustration challenge… i already joined one to much! :wink:

would be great to have it animated with the characters running and all! but that would take way to much time from my personal life and i would probably go insane as i already work fulltime with 3d :frowning:

FIRST MAN TO THE POTATOE!!! (click image for larger view)


…:arteest: :arteest:


lol :smiley: good old days, i miss them so… :arteest:


Excellent ! :bounce: I like your style ! :thumbsup:


Nice to see u in the challenge, and funny concepts so far :smiley: keep it up buddy!


Looks great. Your style is coming through clearly. Love the concept and colors used. Very ‘spacey’ and universe like. Anyway, nice.


Looks really fun!
Wish you luck!


lol! too funny! :arteest: :arteest: :arteest:


I burst out laughing when I saw your image. That is VERY funny and creative. Awesome work!


Hehehe…that is so sweet !.. cofffee can do miracles in a man’s mind and ideas…:bounce:.

You made me smile when i watched your concepts … :)…this is going to be a very enjoyable thread…i can see it …yes…


[left]haha lol cool fun good luck keep it up man can’t wait to see it animated


Hhaha, funny stuff. The first one especially put a big smile on my face. Cheers.


Your concept looks great. The ships and their ‘contrail’ remind me a bit of Homeworld. Looks really good to me. :thumbsup:


Please everybody, reply to Ander’s thread, he is refreshing the page every 3 minutes to see if anybody likes his work (even if you don’t ,reply anyway please!)


thanks everyone for your appreciation!

but m@, you are a moderator of this challenge…!!! so piliz, i beg you on my bare knees, post another post in here… :frowning:


nobody replies… :rolleyes: … and Anders is still pressing F5…


Just in to say that there’s no way I’ll post any replies in this shitty thread.
Simply won’t happen.


most boring thread ever


oooo hehe this is sooo good…:arteest: :arteest: :bowdown:

so what are they going to do with that potato???just arrive near that,fules gone empty,all passengers became hungry so they eat themsleves…and then one day,the remaining astronaut watch the giant potatoe,and go beyound the food/soup space…(ooo sounds like 2001:potato odessey):stuck_out_tongue:

anyway,great job anders


I love that you are going so stylised! Reminds me of the mad hatter. Fun entry you’ve already got a nice look going for you in a relatively short amount of time!