Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


Pfff… you’re not famous… so shitty concept here… :rolleyes:


mouahah !
Excellent !
I am a fan of this even if the concept don’t fit the story…


LOL! The concept made me laugh and the description made me laugh even more. That is hilarious! Good one! :smiley:


Love your sketch. It is amazing good and detailed. I love it and its funny. Keep up the awesome works Anders.


haha woaw thanks guys!! i am glad this kinda style is appreciated over here! :slight_smile:

ca va? long time since last! are you entering this time ?

nice to see you here! no forest-characters this time around though but i hope it will be something fun in the end anyway…! :slight_smile:

i believe my main influence was your talk about potatoes in the challenge-thread over in the general-discussion so i thought(or hoped…) that this would be something up your alley, glad you liked it ! :slight_smile:

soon… soon… watch out! :smiley:


Errr is it in the book? … I did not read it… in the rules they didn`t say thers potatoes in it :eek: … huh…


good start fellah… fun as always :thumbsup:


weeeeeeeeee… anders…i like that…but hey,you should have warned for nudity…:scream: :bounce:

good luck friend:thumbsup:


that’S kind of funky
very cool :thumbsup:



rofl, sick concept :scream:


nice one fellah :applause: Have very much fun …

you’ve been bookmarked …


Great looking 3D concept! This will be good, like all the rest of your stuff.
Expecting something mindblowing from you?.. :smiley: :thumbsup:


this is a very fresh view on sci-fi… love it… generally when people think sci-fi, grey images come to mind… you just gave it color…:thumbsup:


Well anders, I 'm not sure again but it seems that I will not do the challenge this time for the 1st time since master and servant. But maybe I’ll have time and inspiration. Anyway I hope for you to be the one to make a little cartoony feel in this world of realism :scream:


anders your style excellent and i love the concept

subscribing to this thread

keep going mate


< Place reserved for some junkies and shitty words to inslut fellah the dude >


Hey Fellah,

I like the fact that you’re taking the decription literally, it’s a very nice concept, and I think few will enter a humorous idea.

The concept sketch itslef is awesome, perhaps you’ve thought about entering the illustration compatition as well, as you obviously have natural drawing talent!

Good luck with the modelling and 3D, I look forward with anticipation to see how this concept turns out.


Welcome back fellah! I am interested to see what you come up with! Good luck Anders!:thumbsup:


I too like your style. It will be great in 3d. Good luck!:thumbsup:


Hehe, great pic. Good luck matey! :bounce:


BTW, are you planning on animating your piece in the end? I know it’s a lot more work, but the action in the concept painting really gives that feeling of snappy motion, and having the characters moving would be sweet.