Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


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Hey Anders, I can’t wait to see what you come up with, your style is very distinctive.


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you got a reply
you got a reply

… and now 2!


go fellah gooo


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lol, couldn’t resist to post a running gag ^^

fly fellah fly!

best of luck and have fun mate :smiley:


I surely don’t want to miss that … :eek:

Have fun and best of luck …

cheers ,



Heila nice to see you in this challenge, wish you good luck Anders !


omg I can’t believe it people actually remember you min kompis…

I guess you can start working on your piece now!


He’s kinda hard to forget, don’t you think? :slight_smile:
Good luck, fellah - blir kul att se vad du gör av det här.


we were making fun that you were alone in your thread
so I was not replying on purpose

and now so many answers


I still have the world record of the less replies on a thread


hahah Sacha, that image looks familiar! gave me a big smile when i first saw it, i hope this thread can be as fun as that one :slight_smile:

and pff, Charles… now i even have a pic!!! what do you have…?

thanks everyone else for the kind welcome!!! it was fun to see that some ppl still remembering me after all this time :slight_smile:

here is my first concept: (click image for bigger view)

due to the nuclear confrontation the lack of food made ppl crazy… and they became even crazier when they saw the big potato in the sky!

big thanks to Mathias(mv) and to my girlfriend Martina and for helping me out with ideas to improve the pic!


:surprised such a shifted concept ! really funny, I loke your understanding of the book :scream:
Great sketch anyway, good luck for the next step.


Glad to see you back anders !
Funny concept.


And that’s a spiffy concept … really funny and with the great style of yours , I just love it .


hi fellah, it’s great to see you in :thumbsup:
i dig your style man so i’m looking forward to see your progress!

Good luck and have fun :scream:


Great to see you here, Anders - bookmarked for ‘this-is-gonna-be-good’ interest :wink:



Just in to report I honestly LOLed for several seconds when seeing the most recent concept.
Ja jävlar!


lack of piglet here…

i’ll correct that soon



love your concept - really good!