Eon (3D Scene) Entry: alvin tea


i think the sky is still way too much saturated compared to the ground below. Don’t forget that bounced light from the atmosphere also lightens the ground and trees. So maybe try loosing the saturation, or give the rest a more blu-ish tone.

right now the bottom part lookes like a scene at the eavening when the sun is is hiding behind some dark clouds. So this contrast makes it looks so unreal and unbelievable.

cheers and i’m curious to see the new model.


thanks aurora:)

thanks Nothingness, will look at your suggestion.:slight_smile:


Hey Alvin,

You really do a nice job on the background stuff, as far as the lighting not making total sense…I think thats part of the appeal to it.
Good luck finishing this off.


Hi Moir, :slight_smile:
Thanks for your comment.
I know the lighting isn’t make “sense”, because does not means to make “sense”, it has no real sun in it, the plasma tube is the sole source of illumination. :smiley:
I did some tests early on(earlier posts), those images were very earth looking feel but feedback was too earth looking enviroment!:shrug:
It isn’t “real” after all, is inside chamber… I try to create something in-between real world and artificial world… :stuck_out_tongue: the landscape side is “real world” and the lightings atmosphere is “artificial world”.
I hopes… at least my explanation make “sense”.:slight_smile:


Here are all the completed models, background etc, and where thoese objects should place, is time for final “rendering”!!!


i love the landscape :thumbsup: and the clouds. can´t wait to see your final image… :slight_smile:


Thanks, some update image soon…:slight_smile:


Just render the chamber wall(cylinder!) into scene… cheers


New rendering with the huge machine(air-purification) and cloud/smoke tests.


I’m not going to tell you how good this scene is 'cos you know it :wink: I only want to point out one problem !!
This glowing blue area of sky in the left- middle part of image looks kinda empty and destroys composition!! It catches my eye more than anything else on this scne and it shouldn’t!!!. Maybe you could move ship to the left or put thre something.
Hope this helps !
-cheers! and hurry!!


Hi fgdf, thanks:)

Yes, there are something on left- middle part, two baby ships there(see 3rd post up).:slight_smile:


hey man! great lighting!


Hey, Alvin:

This looks great! My only suggestion would be to tweak the saturation down the image. Right now, you’ve got a lot of very saturated blues near the top and very dull greys near the bottom, which is kind of jarring. Evening things out a bit would help. But it’s a great image – congratulations!



Thanks chandro:)

Thanks vmulligan, I will play around with saturation and see.:slight_smile:


This is an updates of final rendering(close…), baby ships has been added, and on the image, I have saturation down the sky blue… more smokes and clouds to be render into image… and more fine tunning going later.

I am also working on short animation now, hopefully will have some images soon.


Hey Alvin,

Very cool update, the ships look grand. :thumbsup:


Here are animations just rendered…
is 1 am now… will updates more later in the morning.


I have rendered more clouds/smoke on the plasma tubes and main ship… almost there… tick, tick, tick…

C&C welcome


Matte painted flock of birds flying through, I think these birds bring out some real life feel to the whole image which is what I am after!!
This is (pretty much) the final… need to get back to animation…
C&C welcome.


Mmmm… Winner? One of my favourites anyway… Maybe the ground clouds should be more trnsparent… for me the bottom of pic is too “overclouded” :slight_smile: Good luck with animation!

I am running out of time, too.