Eon (3D Scene) Entry: alvin tea


Thanks mate, I just got new renders done, more blue lights surounding, will post soon and see.:beer:


here are the new skies renders close to what I am after… I think I will go for first one from right… cheers


I agree but there’s something about this subtle glow behind mountain on 1st image (from left)


My vote goes to a blend between the left one and the one next to it. The left one I think will help show the interaction between the craft and the ground, but the one next to it is more engaging. Just my thoughts. Good luck man, it’s really starting to shape up :slight_smile:


i’d prefer the first from the left… but they are all so beautiful… Makes me almost cry :slight_smile:
( I just envy Your skills :wink: )


If i saw this as a seperate piece I would have to say 3rd hands down… it just looks more moody but if you want to go with the book choose a brighter one beacause of the tubelight…


leving, taavi, icedeyes.:slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I am “combine” those skies together… will post updates. thanks


This is quick low res render of “final” image composite test, objects with background(new sky to place) render.



Hi there!

I finally found some time to see your masterpiece. My congratulations,
really outstanding result :thumbsup: Please I’m not sure if you wrote it, but
what about those strings from the concept? I think they could give
nice touch to your image. Still one of the best here!
congrats and good luck


Yeaa, looking good, i think you should work more with clouds and add some more details to upper part of mountains. It’s my IMHO.

So everything look good. Keep on !!!


hey ! good job alvin , whaiting for the final image, maybe the blue is a little to saturated …:smiley:

good luck man !


I think more glow from the sky will do - but overall it’s one of my favorites there’s somethink spectacular in it.
keep it up!!


Hey Alvin!

That’s coming together very nicely man. I have a suggestion. Maybe dip a small portion of your machine behind the rocks to give it more of a sense of scale and distance?

I love your machine model by the way, really cool.

Cheers :smiley:


one of my favourite! :eek: sensational realism dude! gotta love the ship! :eek: :love: :scream:

the sky … mountains … colour … everything blends perfectly! :eek:

waiting to c the final piece! good luck mate! :thumbsup:


That low res scene has got me all tingly, looking fantabulous.

of the selections of different skies?, i think first on the left would compliment your ship nicely, having the blue behind the mountains.

either way, looks pro!.



Because the time extended , I did a new alien object…
More updates on environment coming soon.


…well, this new model is to replace previouly alien object, just thought that this one is more suitable for the whole environment…


Finally got what I want for environment, here is the “final” environment look like, now is putting all other bits together…




Man this just gets better and better each time you post. Love the new comp and the new ship or whatever looks fantastic!