Eon (3D Scene) Entry: alvin tea


The trees match well with the scene.I’ll follow your work .
Good luck!:thumbsup:


taavi, adel3d,

Thanks guys:)

I have some more images to updates soon…


Finaly my machine let me to post some update images… basically the machine is running 24hrs for rendering!
I did not “expect” to taking so long… but once I see the polygon counts, like about 2 million, that explain why!

Here are some images of close up and difference angles, lighting as well as skies tests.

I am about to finish rendering(if not crash…) than will comes to effects and composite, for skies, fog etc etc, will post some samples soon(hopes!).

Thanks and time to go back rendering the rest of the scenes.


Looks great dude.What did you use for the terrain?


He’s using Vue6 which I REALLY WANT TO HAVE :frowning:

But yeah, very nice work Alvin :smiley:



Yeah, Vue rocks! :bounce:

Really good work. I can’t wait to see the final image.


Finaly my machine let me to post some update images… basically the machine is running 24hrs for rendering!

Oh… you can’t imagine how i understand you…

For next challenge i think i’ll take second computer :twisted:

Keep going !!! Time is running out…


Thanks SONIC-X, is Vue6X.:slight_smile:

Thanks gringer:) , yeah you are right, is Vue6X, go get it but wait till the final release… you know what I mean:D .

Thanks Pixelschumi:)


Tell me about it!!:scream:
I have 2 machines, one is new which is now rendering… another one is old but two machines are not network yet!!! So every time I have to wait till it finish rendering before I can copy across images manually… :argh:

I know time is running out:wip: , I have done some effects renders which looks to be success(lucky), so will post soon…



Close up shot of the terrian.


hey alvin ! great landscape and great scene you are building here. i just whait to see it finished !
good luck man !


Thanks, hopefully I can finish it, will see:)


wow Alvin, i must say that yout landscape is really impressive and i can’t wait to see all the final in high res, and animation in this excellent environment.


Thanks, working on Hi Res now… rendering:)


here are some skies tests renders, looks good to me, but a bit too strong… I think I might go for more subtle looks, will post others tests renders soon.


Hey alvin,

great looking landscape.
I must admit i’m not a fan of using vue in these challenges, but i think that the thing that botters me most is that this looks just like something on earth. Lit by a sun with a hugh streching atmosphere. I don’t have the time to read all posts, but is this in one of the chambers? I know it’s hard to recreate the feeling, because a tube light gives a very strange lighting effect.
But anyway, the environment looks nice.



looks nice, even if i prefer more handmodelled stuff for such special landscapes, because - like nothingness said - it looks like earth landscapes:

  • its lighten by a sun
  • theres no cylindrical shape at all…

…its absolutely flat and thats the biggest flaw on these landscapes, but if you ignore these things, then you have nice looking images. Nevertheless, good luck!


“Fourth chamber was a recreation center, as near as we can tell,” Lanier said. “And of course, a reservoir and air-purification system. There are four distinct islands here, each with a different habitat. There were underwater habitats, too-coral gardens, freshwater ponds and river systems. Resort, wildlife preserve, fish farm-it’s all returned to an untended state, a bit wild but prospering.”

Hi, I am doing Fourth chamber, and I picked a part to concentrate on, most likely close to"freshwater ponds and river systems", not the whole “Fourth chamber” I must say…:smiley:

The final sky will be more artificial lights and smokes around(which is what I am rendering now), basically the top half of the images will be the huge “air-purification system” and bottom half will be as much as earth like environment.


  • its lighten by a sun
    It is artificial lights to simulate sun light.:slight_smile:

  • theres no cylindrical shape at all…
    It will have some kind of “cylindrical shape” walls around, but still rendering…:smiley:



HI mate!
I have 3 candidates (of the top)
1 line pic nr 3
2 line pic nr2
3 line pic nr 3
I think they will mach best with their kind of “glowing” but some color correction is as always needed

  • :beer: