Eon (3D Scene) Entry: alvin tea


Just great !!!
Keep on.


Don’t forget that there is no sun in the Stone. The plasma tube is the sole source of illumination.

Good work on the terrain tests. They’re looking very impressive. I also like the mechanical shapes; very unique.


Thanks targus.:slight_smile:

Thanks, you are right… no sun, luncky I never intend to put a sun inside there, guess I will do a very mystery “sun” to simulate real sun, which bring lights for chamber!:slight_smile:


I did these images(new ideas) while working on the trees/plants, thought I posted here to share with you guys, thanks.

Happy New Year


Nice landscapes! What app did you use for these Terragen 2’s Tech Preview release? I had a lot of time to play with it during XMas since I left my dongle home and could not work on my Eon entry. I’m really liking what I see with it so far, it has some issues but much better then v0.9.


Hey man! Nice. Are you using Vue to make those environments?

Cheers :smiley:


Hmm, I really like your enviroment tests, personally I like your jagged edge sticking-out rocky cliffs, very nice. Cool stuff!


Thanks aurora, I am using Vue6Xstream not TG2. Yes, I had play around TG2 a while before, compare to Vue, Vue to me is much “easier” to control, but TG2 seem to produce better result than Vue and very reasonable price… you know what I mean…:smiley:

TG2 need more work to make it more “user friendly” just like ZB UI issue:D …


gringer, yes it is vue6x.:slight_smile:

crazybread, thanks:)


master environment!:arteest: :wip:
It seems as though we have one of our finalisit known.
It was like a punch on my face.I feel like continuing the competition and you showed that it is gonna be a challenge.
I’d like to get some more hooks to awake me.
Keep up the good work my frind…:beer:


Thanks for your times.:slight_smile: appreciated your kind comment and encouragement:) that will keep me going to finish this competition.


Placed trees on terrain, several tests here, I was also surprised that changing colours of leaf also comes out different result!
Here are three samples attached, I have added smoke/fog to for testing…
Will post next one with the trees/plant on cliff, see you later!


Trees on cliff, adding some clouds/fog… I am having some problems with the rendering go so far, hopefully I’ll be able to finish it…

Happy New Year Eve


a close up of the cliff…


Hey! Coolness! :smiley:

I wish I had that program, its awesome. Trying to create my trees/forest is driving me nuts!


Your landscapes are very dramatic, love the wisp of clouds you have thru the various vistas. Also found the alien structure very appealing. I look forward to seeing how all the elemnts join!.best of luck and happy 2007 to ya :D.

take care



Great work on the environment. I really like the angle of the terrain, keep up the good work!


Hey Alvin. Good to see that you’re still moving strong.

Your environment tests look good. It’s my understanding that the majority of the environment within the chamber is artificial. There is also very little hints of an atmosphere except I think in chamber number 6 where it is often raining. Don’t have the book with me now so I can’t double check. I just thought I would remind you of this. :slight_smile:


Thanks gringer, LightSovereign, leving.:scream:

Thanks for the info, I think is chamber number 4 you talking about? I need to check that as well… :slight_smile: “majority of the environment within the chamber is artificial” I am working on that now, which give me more freedom to do so, as I was thinking doing more real life environment.



Your project is getting better with every WIP pic You post! Excellent job!