Eon (3D Scene) Entry: alvin tea


hey alvin !
the spaceship look’s cool. nice texturing. i think that the blue background it’s a little disadvantaje for the texturing and the lighting of the ship. but i gues it would loock diferent in the final scene :smiley:
good luck ! :thumbsup:


great texturing and shading Alvin :thumbsup:

the light on the spaceship are great, but maybe try a contrast between the background and the color of the light. You might change the background of the final, but try and work it out to see what it does.

When i look at your other work, you try to get a global feeling through color. But it’s a bit to much one global color sceme. So by giving the light the opposite color of the background, and lighting the ship with the combination of both, you could get some interesting things. I’m gonna try and work with blues and yellows. So maybe try an orange light on your ship in contrast with the blue background. Or the other way around (free enough to try) :applause:



claudio_jordao, thanks:)

AndreiSzasz, thank you. I haven’t decide what background colour yet, may be blue sunny day or sunset? :slight_smile:

Nothingness, thanks, you are right, the contrast isn’t strong enough, I have tried orange and red, they both look good, but I prefer blue just to give it more cool looking. Angain it all depands on the final sence which I am working on it, so could be blue, orange or red, will see.:slight_smile:


This is the main air-purification system, which I have added the small light on it.


It’s always fun to see how much more interesting things look with lighting. I think the small blue glows really help give the object a good sense of scale, and they also help to accent some of the features. Nice work :slight_smile:


Thanks leving.:slight_smile:


more shading updates…


I have done some basic terrian and atmoshpere tests, here are few of the “best” I selected… what do you think of them…
I can’t deceide either go for bright sunny day or dark sunset environment… will see :slight_smile:

Merrry Christmas to all.


i like no.4 it has a mystery


I’d say 4 is my number one choice, followed closely by two, especially if it had a bit more fog. Seems to be coming along really nice though. Good work and Merry Christmas!


chandro, leving
Thanks guys.:slight_smile:

No.4 also on top of my list:) , but somehow I just think it is a bit too much mystery… may be I am looking something more “landscape” scenery, like no. 2 more mountains and trees etc… well, I have to try both and see which one suit better with other elements.

Happy New Year.


terrain updates…


How did you make these terrain ? Which tool did you use or which techniques, I’m really interesting of it.


Thanks, its Vue6XStream.:slight_smile:


another tests on terrian lighting and shadows.


New updates on the terrain study, I think I am going with this one! But will still play around abit with lightings and shadows.


This is further study of terrain working progress - placement of trees/plants, as coloured areas on picture. cheers


Looking good Alvin :smiley:


Wow, it’s getting more and more interesting alvin… excelent work.


gringer, claudio_jordao.

Thanks, more updates to come soon…:slight_smile: