Eon (3D Scene) Entry: alvin tea


main object modeling…


Interesting shapes. I’m curious to see how this turns out.

Keep it up.


Thanks Jedi-Juice, I am posting new update soon.:slight_smile:


This is the main model I just finished. some details will be addded later.

C & C welcome


Fantastic model! i like it a lot! the design is cool and cool!:applause:


wow, interesting concept art! I like the feel of where this is going… though i’m not sure where that is =)

I like the wavy/organic feel you’ve put into the larger areas of metal where it seems to swoosh through the design of circular inlets and outlets.

[font=Verdana]- I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully when I pull something together you’ll have a look and let me know what you think.[/font]


Thank you!:slight_smile:


really nice shapes and ideas, i like you work!:thumbsup: Very curious to see the final image! Good luck mate!


Thanks, I like yours design as well, the details, the model… just top!


This is cool bro, I really like this organic swooshy feel to the metal!

And the comps from the prepro are very nice! …It might look nice to see something closer to the cam as well, but so far so good! :thumbsup:

-I just joined up on this competition yesterday, so as soon as I get something to show, I hope you’ll stop by my thread and drop a cretique or two! Cheers bro! :smiley:


Thanks for you time!:slight_smile: yup, close up will be ready soon…
[size=2]I am [font=Arial]definitely stop by yours thread man, welcome and good luck![/size][/font]


This is small floating objects surround air-purification system…


Wow, I realy like the color you have used and also the concept too. Keep it up!

Regards, Spire.


Thank you!:slight_smile:


New model I have just finished, this one is main object which connected to the chamber or the entrance from other chamber…
C&C welcome


You continue to create very beautiful shapes here, I like them a lot so far. And the colors you used for the last updates are fantastic. This is turning into a unique entry :thumbsup:


Thanks Gunilla.:slight_smile:


more updates…


Really cool and alien looking shapes! I’d like to see those things textured.
But this red reflexing surface looks cool, too :slight_smile:


I like the look of ur ships … they look organic almost :wise: