Eon (3D Scene) Entry: alvin tea


Respect, man!
The animation is amazing!


Now it really kiks …b*t :wink: It’s significantly better than the first one .
Good luck with judging now it should make it much easier now :wink:


Wow! This is wondeful, the best entry I’ve seen so far. Your work is truly inspiring, Amazing man :bowdown:


Great. It’s obvious that we will see you among the winners. Good luck now, truly amazaing work. And I must say to be honets with you, that you made anormous progress since your last challenge. For sure biggest among whole who entered last challenges as well. My congratulations.


Absolutely great work man!!!Nothing else to say.I know ,not very original but I love it,that’s all!Congratz on that great finbish and good luck mate!:beer:


One of my favorites! It doesn’t connect to the EON story as well as some of the other entries, but it is still very spectacular.

Good luck!


congratulations mate! :scream::eek::bounce::applause: very promising i must say! :eek: lovely colours … detail n realism!

good luck to u! :thumbsup:


Thanks taavi:)
Thnaks fgdf:scream:
Thanks CryingHorn:)
Thanks arturro:scream:
Thanks OKMER:)
Thanks Jedi-Juice:scream:
Thanks nwiz25 :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all yours kinds words and supports, good luck and see you all in next Challenges.:thumbsup:


Really really fantastic, nice work. I love composition and there is real effect of “huge”.
Futuristic style and colour combination make image eye catching, so well done.

Good luck.


Alvin, that was a fine watch!..It had everything, even a flock of birds :O. Love the design of the air purifier, well the mother one especially!.

congratz on a fine segment…



i totally agree! spectacular!:thumbsup:

          [EON PROJECT](http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=214&t=419296&page=5)


congrats dude, the nature elements in your clip totally rocked!


Congratulations. Great work. :applause: :thumbsup:


Congrats - well done! :slight_smile:


My congrats Alvin ! i’ve said some time before on my thread, yours was one of my favourite ! judges are agree with me ! :scream:

:applause: Great for you ! :thumbsup:


Hey Alvin,

Congrats on your great image:thumbsup: :thumbsup: . It was one of my favourites and enjoy the prize.


Congratulations! Deserved prize, but biggest profit is your knowledge. Great progress since your last challenge, so I think you will show a total masterpiece in the next challenge


Thanks!:scream: :thumbsup:


Wow, It was indeed a great challenge, with all you great artists around the world. Thanks for all your kind words and supports.:bowdown:


This was one of my favs too.Congratz mate on a well deserved prize!!!


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