Eon (3D Scene) Entry: alvin tea


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Latest Update: Final Render: EON - THE ISLANDS


Hi to everyone, I am back:twisted: .


here is the 1st concept, try to come out more… later


hey, good luck in the challenge
that’s a good one.:slight_smile:



Thanks celiksert.:slight_smile:


Here is second concept on one of the chamber, based on what I read and understand so far, It is similar to the first concept but with close up.
I like the idea with vast land and terrain kind of look, and large smoke/cloud??


Hey Alvin! I see some Tea cooking around! :smiley: nice start, I wish u luck and fun as always :beer:


that architecture is unique. I like the style. Did anything inspire you as you came up with this design? I really like it.



Thanks Climax.:slight_smile:

I did few Google search on concept art and planty of inspiration from there! Thanks!:slight_smile:


3rd concept drawing, similar to last two but with more perspective view…


finally have some time for this competition… here is first quick base model just done, more to come…


Little update of the model…
Haven’t got much time to do it, hopefully I can have more done and updates more…


Here is close up of the model… thanks


Interesting and beautiful shapes for your modeling - I like the organic feel, very nice :slight_smile:


more models… thanks


yes, I go for more organic feel this time, having some hard time to understand the theme, hopefully I am locked down the concept now…:slight_smile:


Little more updates on the main model…


nice model! man.I like your style very much.and good luck!


Thanks, I actually should post the 4th concept drawing which is what I am currently working on it, just too busy to scan now…:slight_smile:


Hi, finally got time to scan it… this is 4th concept drawing which is the one I am working on it.
It is Fourth chamber, the huge object is a air-purification system…