Eon (3D Scene) Entry: adel adili (Leda)


This is my latest work on the background with lensflar effect.I have also done sth on the foreground.


nice to see you back!:scream: Interesting concept!:thumbsup:



Concept really differs from others. But i think that its good!
Only thin g that bothers me- the snow on the top of pyramid- the combination of pyramid steps and snow texture looks like the video-flickering effect… dont know the right word in english… :wink:
Hope to see Your updates soon :slight_smile:



I am back.After a few days I could work on the project. This is the character I am working on to use in the work.It needs more details.I’ll try to finish it on time.


very cool concept mate! :applause:

i specially like the details in ur character model! :eek:

very nice choice of colours! :bounce:

good luck dude! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


Here you can see the background with the pyramid which I think is almost finished .
I thought of adding some grass and roots at the bottom of the pyramid but changed my mind because I wanted the tree in the center to be focused on as the only alive element.


Nice man, very nice. Looking forward to more.

Cheers :smiley:


very interesting concept man ! i’m sure it’s gonna be a great scene.
good luck , and looking forward to see the final image
cheers :buttrock:


Hey Adel,

Nice looking colors and the shapes in general make for a striking image. I look forward to this being completed, good luck.


Now I have finalized my concept of work .
The stony stairs is almost finished but the column above the stairs need details and requires more work.
I’ll try to use ambient warm color in the foreground to complete the cold colors in the background.
The position of the researcher is relaxed but it will be completed by textures and details.
I might add a woman reseacher sitting on the stony altar later.


This is the latest.I am close to the final composition.I have reached the color I intended.
The background is completed,I’m working on the foreground.I haven’t worked on the middle layer yet.In the next post I’ll give you more detail.


very stunning image ! you alway amaze me with your skill , you done it in very short time and it’s very nice! , my favourite in this challenge!:thumbsup:


This is my last update .


hey adel this is awesome
very cool work .

agha eyvala faghat hamino migam.


In this stage the layers are like this:
L1: This is composed of a few layers produced in Photoshop and 3d.
L2: in Max environment I added the pyramid with all its details and some characters inside it and also a tree which shows eternity .
L3:In max again I added another layer of mountains and a lake in the middle of the scene. It has a separate lighting as the above layer.
L4: the foreground remains the final work of the scene and I have to work on it. The character is adjusted on the rock …


your work is simply stunning… hope you get to finish this on time… very original idea… feels just like a painting…


vERY Strong! a true artistick and “illustration like” scene…how i can say…it have an amazing conceptual feeling…very intense…

Great job…:applause:


This is my last update with some details.


Love it:thumbsup:



i really like the warm color on the stones, that gives the picture a special touch. :slight_smile: btw, the stones are great.:thumbsup: