Eon (3D Scene) Entry: adel adili (Leda)


very stunning image ! you alway amaze me with your skill , you done it in very short time and it’s very nice! , my favourite in this challenge!:thumbsup:


This is my last update .


hey adel this is awesome
very cool work .

agha eyvala faghat hamino migam.


In this stage the layers are like this:
L1: This is composed of a few layers produced in Photoshop and 3d.
L2: in Max environment I added the pyramid with all its details and some characters inside it and also a tree which shows eternity .
L3:In max again I added another layer of mountains and a lake in the middle of the scene. It has a separate lighting as the above layer.
L4: the foreground remains the final work of the scene and I have to work on it. The character is adjusted on the rock …


your work is simply stunning… hope you get to finish this on time… very original idea… feels just like a painting…


vERY Strong! a true artistick and “illustration like” scene…how i can say…it have an amazing conceptual feeling…very intense…

Great job…:applause:


This is my last update with some details.


Love it:thumbsup:



i really like the warm color on the stones, that gives the picture a special touch. :slight_smile: btw, the stones are great.:thumbsup:


This piece has a really soft look to it, and the scene setup and attention to detail really shine. Great entry!


This is my last update .The character is finished.In this last minutes I might put another character on the
altat but there is the matter of time problem for rendering hat I may not make it to the final.


nice landscape design and character!:thumbsup:



Wow! Its getting better :slight_smile: Have You seen movie “Immortel”? It’s aFrench sci-fi movie with loads of CG-stuff, including flying pyramids over New York :wink: The storyline is not my favourite, but the visual part is quite interesting.


:eek: :eek: :eek: Thanks for the info! I was astunned to see another person had this idea of floating pyramid and i like it when I see somebody like an author has thought of eternity and immortality like this. it engaged my mind the whole night I saw the challenge and it was like a dream to me so the next morning I had the idea of a floating pyramid with a tree which was alive and showed eternity.Anyways,thanks for the info about the movie .I’d like to see it then.


The pyramid’s shape i very strong “brand” in our subconiusness. No surprise taht someone have had the same idea :slight_smile: Here’s a cool pic from that movie: http://www.forumcinemas.lv/files/items/Immortel/immortel_fond1_1024.jpg


This is the wire frame of my work. I thought I might add another character but in this stage I changed my mind because I got what I wanted to.


this scene looks like something out of book :wink: excellent!


Here is my character(Researcher) in last post .


When the challenge was announced and after getting the essense of it I thought of creating something
with a surrealistic touch and almost a symmetric composition with a horizen in far away.
The pyramid has always been the most mysterious and beautiful geometric
fiqure to me and more than that it is the axis of it which has the best quality of the pyramid inside .No wonder that this idea of a pyramid and a tree inside came to my mind
during the night I read about Eon challenge.
Therefore, this tree in my project is the symbol of eternity ,ei; the pyramid with its mythical power helps the tree to be eternal.So the floating pyramid in an unknown land was something that I thought of creating.The philosophy behind the floating pyramid is like this: As a pyramid is so powerful and so independent and full of characters it doesn’t need to be stabilized on sth like earth otherwise it is sth to lean on so in this case the floating pyramid makes sense.
In foreground my scene shows some form of rocks which was once used as an altar for sacrificing and offering lives to the tree but now there is no life in there just after thousand years there are some researchers discovering this place and amazed by this alive tree.


Excellent image !

And great story :slight_smile: