Enzo Ferrari, Milktea (3D)



here’s my latest model, a Enzo Ferrari:)
the modelling and rendering was done in lightwave


hey Milkandtea your attention to detail is amazing!! Ive seen lots of 3d car model but yours is very highly detailed!!! the rubber… the materials… its highly crafted!, my only suggestion on the red one is maybe to tone down the reflection so the red is not too washed out or maybe tone down the diffuse… I also use lightwave.

one way to judge a 3d car is from its reflection… and your car has a nice line of reflection across from one piece to another

keep up the good work man !!!



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Don’t know the Enzo well enough to judge the accuracy but that looks to be a severely well crafted model. Have to agree with erwinriau about the main body texture though… as it is , it is really not doing the model full justice… and similarly the window texture looks rather ‘flat’. Otherwise a rather nice job. :slight_smile:


very clean and accurate model! nicely done :thumbsup: the interior looks excellent also


Great modelling. The paint shader definitely needs to be refined a bit. Way too reflective and washed out, as previously stated.



wow!!! a better paint shader and this would be perfect


this model is simple superb…
makes me really wanna go to my internship’s studio and start using their copy of Lightwave! :smiley:

got a wireframe? a tutorial for us?


Well you’ve certainly set the standard for modeling the Enzo!

Can you please post another view from the rear corner of the car? And maybe even a close up of the engine? Looks like you’ve modelled every visible detail and the interior looks superb.

Edited for typos.


Thanks you all for the comments.:slight_smile:

Here’s a Rear view.




thats just sick man:p
really nice

keep on the work


Perfect model…now go adjust the paint material and post an update!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


the attention to details is amazing
please don’t stop
give us more renders:buttrock: :buttrock:


DAMN!!! thats one hell of a car model :slight_smile:


You are crazy ! :slight_smile:

It’s very detailled and this is perfect !


JESUS CHRIST!!! :eek: :eek:

that’s the most highly detailed, most accurate, most perfect, most amazing, model i’ve seen EVER!!! honestly!!!
i bow down to you o’masterful one!
:bowdown: :bowdown: :cry: :xtreme: :xtreme:

how on earth did you do it?, spline modeling?
how long did it take?
(with the amount of detail you’ve put into it you could well have been modeling it since before i was born!!!)

Damn, i wish there was a tutorial!

Keep it up!!!



I can’t see anything :shrug:


“Sounds” great, but unfortunately, I’ve yet to be able to view these…
The download speed is i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-y s-l-o-w…
I’ve been waiting 15 minutes now, and have about 1/8 of each picture now.
I’m on a high speed broadband connection, so I’m curious what’s up.
How are you guy’s viewing this? Patience?
Ps. maybe someone can mirror this (I’d do it, if I could get them in the first place).


Great work, amazing details for sure, it deserves the front page :thumbsup:


BOOYAKA :smiley:

I always wonder with these high detailed car models how far you can go with modelling details, when do you say: ok this bolt I will model, but this one I wont, or do you just model what you can see when you open all doors and caps?