Environments for a Crysis mod


Amazing work!


Great stuff man, i’ve been using maya for many years and decided to start picking up max due to recent art test. I may not get the job since it took me a few days to pick up, I created a building using some of what I learned from ya. :smiley:

Click here for image

Also, if you want I can post a link to the Environment Modeling FAQ if you’d like. Awesome stuff. :slight_smile:


Hi Stefan, your works very good! :smiley:


These are OE2’s building? I want to see the buildings in Sandbox2!!! Please!


use an automatic flatten for those selected uv’s…then place them where they need to go on the texture & (if possible)stitch the uv’s back together

ashe…Decals,all the time…very handy for all sorts of things
Dekard…cheers for the Polycount forum plug :beer:

csyou…sorry,that building was made for a different project so it’s not setup for the sandbox,


Awsome work stefan! As I always say, you’re work makes me wet! :smiley:

Keep it up!!!


For those of you asking about Environment Modeling, Stefan allowed me to put some of his knowledge on loan over at Polycount. :slight_smile:

Environment Modeling FAQ & Resources


Thanks Stefan. I have 2 question. :smiley:

  1. Those buildings have occluder proxy? If there are not occluder proxy, objects don’t omit hidden polygons & drop performance in CryEngine2. :slight_smile:

  2. You will release those buildings? It means… free assets for modder. :wink:


great work


I can answer these questions for you since i’m taking art lead for the team.

-1. All objects in the game will be utilizing occluded proxy & physical proxy for optimum performance. As we are targeting the DirectX 9 audience in mind. Because with all this DirectX 10 gotta have the top notch rig. It’s just not bringing good results for most of the community other than those who have a great rig.

-2. The models that are produced for Obsidian Edge 2 are OE2 only, but you are free to use them in creating you’re own OE2 map once OE2 is released.:slight_smile:


Wow!!! Thanks OE2 team! :eek:


Hey Crazy Matt are looking for anymore modelers for OE2? If you are im up for some enviroment and prop work.


I am also on the mod team, and I think Crazy Matt has been very busy rounding up the troop since his recent promotion on the team.

To answer your question though, of course the OE team is always looking for new talent. As a matter of fact there was a post just yesterday in our private forums about some of the guys needing to get together and review a couple of new applicants.

Feel free to supmit an application and some reference stuff, and the guys will have a look when they take a moment away from working on the OE2 mod. :smiley:

Links for you:



i just pissed my pants.


Incredible! Im just learning to use an editor (UnrealED). I hope I can get just as fantastic results as yourself one day


I’m afraid mate that these were all done in CryEngine2, not UnrealED. :slight_smile:


I’m aware of that, just didnt word myself correctly. I meant in the engine i use :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing it out though


looks like an awesome work is being done for this mod. Indeed, bunch of stuff for me to learn, thanks for sharing ur WIP, Stefan.

I got a couple of questions regarding lighting:

renders in engines look great, looks like there is an ambient occlusion beside regular shadows. Does CryEngine2 create AO during lighting calculations?
Doest it do it in realtime or u do a build each time u want to launch the level in the game? Or u create another map channel and bake AO in max and then multiply it with diffuse in the engine?

Thanks again for this cool thread.


CryEngine 2 does realtime AO. And it looks sweet… :smiley:


Love the work so far keep it up!


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