Environments for a Crysis mod


latest update: april 08

update - feb 08

hey guys,here’s some environments i’m making for a Crysis mod using CryENGINE™ 2, …the mod is called obsidian edge 2 …I’ve been on board for a few months churning out assets
I can’t yet show any ingame screenshots so here’s some 3dmax renders & wires

modeling & textures here are still very early wip & C&C is welcomed…i’m shooting for around 40-50k in this area.
using the Crazybump beta for the normal maps.

this first building came about after seeing a specific window texture on cgtextures.com…it’s made up of around 5 modular pieces & some miscellaneous props,only color & bump maps have been made so far,spec & offset mapping to come



Lovely work Stefan.

Seeing work like this reminds me how much fun environment work can be…

Not much to crit…keep going.



Looking really good. Can’t wait to see it when its finished. Is it possible to see the texturesheets even if they’re watermarked?


Zach…here’s a smaller wip version,actual size is 2k

i’m still painting over the color map to get a good normal map from it & all the brick on the far right panel will be changed to something dirtier…but this is the layout i’m using
you can get the original at cgtextures.com


nice job!
what is the polycount supported by this engine, do you know ?


Awesome, Stefan. You’re ubran envs are top notch. I’ll definately keep my eyes here!


very nice work!

but i have to say, that the poly distribution on this image is kinda weird http://home.xtra.co.nz/hosts/polycount3d/CGTalk/crywip07.jpg
you could easly have the collumn on the right part with a box and a normalmap and add some more polygons to the arches, they are definitely too lowpoly for a game based on cryengine 2, this coulkd world for a LOD but in closeup its all about smooth sillouettes on crysis, othervise great work :slight_smile:


same here man-- thumbs up for me also-- I’ll be checking daily for your updates :smiley:


Nice, some more stuff with CryEngine 2. In-game screenshots wouldn’t look at all much different from what you have here. They’d look better! No crits here.


JustChris…your right,with the lighting & particle fx you can do in sandbox2 these 3dmax renders can’t do it justice

pimeto…I cant say too much(nda’s) but being next-gen it can handle a fair amount,plus with vis areas,view distances & LOD’s you can easily get a fair amount of polys on screen.

Neox…good point on the arch,I’ve added a few more edges to bring back the shape,we can always use that earlier one as an LOD.

here’s another version of that arch with a nearly final normal map,some of the stonework looks a bit soft & will need to be redone(i might even remake it with a higher-res texture,it’s ony 512x here)
this is made up of 4 parts(column,mainarch,gotharch & toptrim)
there’s a lot of potential for building damage in crysis so the windows may eventually be swapped out for something different


Very impressive result!
I’m just curious about the transparency map, it seems to be applied to your whole geometry.
If you need transparency only for the window panes (which seems obvious), shouldn’t it be more optimal to have an alternate UV set, just for your transparency map ?

Amazing work, whatever :slight_smile:


awesome work so far mate. I agree about the transparency map question Fraa asked. also the normal map version of the arch looks like its using offset mapping. if so could you shed just a smidgen of light on how you generated the heightmap and what shader you are using?


very nice! could you tell me how you made the normal map for the bricks :smiley: you must have done something with the colour texture right???


Looks bang on, can’t wait to see this in the engine. Great work :slight_smile:


Cheers guys

Fraa…yea those windows will eventually be swapped out for something different,those parts would probably be breakables & will need to be cut up,for now I’ll just settle on that larger transmap

ts_falcon & psychojohno…my intention was to use offset mapping but after seeing that normal mapped I’ve since changed my mind.
I use a modified version of the color map to generate the normal map via Crazybump…it takes forever to do but basically I’m painting over all the grout lines & recessed parts with a dark shade then going over the higher parts with a lighter shade
Crazybump is an awesome app…far better than Nvidias PS plugin


here’s a link to the Crazybump thread:thumbsup:


Nice to see your working on some game art :smiley:

Looking cool so far. Keep it up and ill be sure to keep looking here :slight_smile: And the crazy bump thing is cool ill look into that for sure.


Good job Stefan, im always impressed with your work.


Lookin great bro.

In 3DS Max, are you using the Direct X 9 shader to render this stuff out? If not, what are you using?

Also, is there any parallax mapping or antying going on like that with the bricks, or is it just staight normal mapping?


nice stuff, the bricks seem to work pretty well with crazybump.
I know, you are not thinking that much of performance at the moment,
but I would watch out, not to have too many different unique textures.
I have seen some small things, that can be done better with a decal texture (grass, dirt…). This makes the workflow/process much more dynamic, and you save time, so you don’t need to create so many different texture for every whole part of the building, and other guys from your mod team can use the textures for their buildings.
Polycount looks good imo, but i think it wouldn’t hurt, if you create some irregularities in the mesh, like cracks, broken off concrete parts and that stuff…
good luck :thumbsup: