Environmental Modeler/3D Animator needed for Team Lovebite!


Limerence is a free graphic adventure indie game featuring character driven story telling that has been in development for about 2 years. In these years, we’ve focused on completing the story, completing character models and beginning the foundation of programming needed to build the game. At the moment, we plan to release a Patreon and/or Kickstarter when the demo is released to compensate for our volunteer’s work. We feel uncomfortable releasing one at the moment without playable content.

Set in a prestigious Japanese academy, Momoka Himura is obsessed with Sasaki Hasegawa and must eliminate numerous “obstacles” to get his heart all for herself. With the help of your two best friends, you must choose how you want to remove your obstacle from the picture using your wits and stealth abilities. But be warned, not everything is as it seems.


3D Animator
3D Modeler (environmental preferred)
Programmer (Unreal engine, c++)

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST provide examples beforehand. Programmers must provide a small piece of code they’ve done in the past/show us another game they’ve coded while the rest must have at least 3 examples of their work.

If you’d like to see more about development, you can check the developmental blog: http://thestateoflimerence.tumblr.com/

To contact us with questions, you can contact me at:

Oniboy#8139 (Discord ID)

Our volunteer manager, Morgana at:

Or you can contact Ophelia, our lead developer at:

ophelia#4472 (Discord ID)

You can also email us at the official Limerence email:


From all of us at Team Lovebite, thank you for your consideration!

Much love,

Jack Crocker
Team Lovebite Community Manager