Environment: WWII airbase


I’m looking for critique on lighting, and textures (as well as composition). The image was created using maya, photoshop, and mental ray. There are some temporary textures and obejcts in the scene (the runway, and hangar buildings), so I’m aware those need work. This will be used in a short animated film. Thanks in advance!


i see u got rid of the “black spots” i saw in another post in the renders,

right now everything looks ok. the lighting needs to be a little stronger to make the scene more vivid and clear, since your plane textures are so nicely done.
waiting for updates :thumbsup:


I don’t like the runway texture. When I first looked at the picture, my mind told me that the planes were next to a stream or something. Obviously upon looking further i knew it wasn’t but it was my first impression which is the one that sticks usually :slight_smile:


I really like how this is turning out, really nice plane, model. However, somethings that distract me a bit are the scale of the mountains in the bg, and the top cockpit windows.
The mountains look slightly big in scale for being so far away, it kind of suggests a cartoony feel to me, although that may be the inention, if it is, then nicely done.
The texture on the top cockpit windows seems a bit flat, doesnt really fit with the nice shiny textures around it. Maybe a could reflection?

Sorry if i sound picky, Theres just not too much wrong here, just calling out what catches my eye. Good luck.


Texturing and lighting look pretty good to me but I have to agree with geeno about the background, it has too much feel of a painted backdrop to it that is quite at odds with the foreground and the scale seems very wrong, the mountains reach far too high up the sky given the low point of view, I don’t think they should rise any higher than the top of the smaller building.

Having looked at the picture for a couple of minutes now I have noticed another thing, I know I’m being picky here but you did ask for crits and it is noticeable that all 3 planes have the same texture on the fuselage. I’ve had this problem myself when using multiple copies of an object and I think you should consider producing a slightly different version of your texture for the centre plane at least, just to break up the uniformity a little.

Good luck with your animation.


Are you ray-tracing reflections? You might want to try an environment map, or an HDRI. The glass cockpits are perfectly smooth. The whole image has an almost cartoony feel to it- (partly attributed to the background) what kind of look are you going for?
Good luck with the animation!


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