environment: WW2 ruins, Fall '44


hello all!

here’s my first ever completed scene, hope you like it!

i used 3ds max5 and photoshop 7 for the textures and for some compositing
the scene was inspired by some dioramas and some war time photographs taken on the eastern front in late 1944

the tank is a Panzer Kampfwagen VI Tiger ausf.E. the tank model alone has about 1.1 milion polys :wink:

here’s the pic ( hope the server doesn’t crash or freeze up on me :slight_smile: )

just in case the server DOES crash, here’s an alternate link to the picture www.chez.com/arlechinu/fall44.html
unfortunately this server doesn’t allow external linking :frowning:

even though this is a finished work, comments and critiques are always welcome :slight_smile:


edit: sorry about the image problems, the server seems to be more problematic than i thought :frowning:


only thing i can think off would be some smoke coming from his ciggy

i take it the tank engine aint running?

other than that thats some damn good work :applause:


:thumbsup: fantastic!!!


I love the mood. That’s my kind of details!


everything seems to look right…!


nice mood, great work :thumbsup:


GR8 !!! I’m lovin it !
I think you should add some more wet materials.


i would have desaturated the colors more, but anyway lovely details and admosphere.

i would have added some specular on all materials to how they are wet (just as klower suggested)


lots of replies! :slight_smile:

thanx for all your kind comments!

about the saturation issue, i tried to desaturate them a little more but the details seemed to fade so i chose to have a bit more saturation and details

i also thought of adding some wet materials but i kinda wanted to suggest somehing else with the scene. a light rain that just started, some troops taking a break. that’s why the clouds are not that dark, that’s why the materials are not that wet and that’s why the tank’s engine is not running :slight_smile: i dunno, maybe i’ll try adding some more wetness in the scene

as for some smoke from the cig, i tried to picture the two soldiers as if they had just stopped there a few seconds ago to get some shelter from the rain and they were just about to light up their smokes… but then again, some smoke would’t be too much of a fuss to add, i’ll think about it

thank you all again!



i forgot to ask you to post a wireframe. is that possible?


Lovely environment!
Great work!


very nice :slight_smile:


thanx anurizm & shadowm8!

silv, yeah, that would be possible. i will post a wireframe these days, i’m kinda swamped with some exams but i’ll manage somehow :wink:


PS: did i see stars for my thread of am i just imagining things? :smiley:


Super b!
Beautiful enviroment!

Love yur textures, well done.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: well done!:thumbsup:


First of all, your texturing is done very well, i even thought it was one of the thesis from Commandos series, great works ! Personal suggestion : add some fog to the scene to create depth and will make it more realistic. The rain drop in the foreground also looks a bit fake, may make it thinner.


I like how you captured the '44 style with just textures. y’know, brown stones and such. very nice. It ain’t perfect but it’s nice the way it is. One thing that bothered me the first second I saw it was the bump on the wall, the brownish parts. I’d make the bump even lesser there. It’s not wrong this way, it’s just that you can increase the feeling of distruction if you do that.

I love the stones and the grass in the lower left corner and the nazi-poster (not the poster itself of course :slight_smile: ).


thanx for your replies!

garma, i can’t tell what you mean… which portions of the textures are you referring to?

looloo, yeah i thought of adding some fog too, but i wasn’t happy with the result, that’s why i chose to leave it as it is. maybe i’ll tweak around max a little and make it look better :slight_smile: and he rain, yeah, maybe i should make it a little more subtle and thin :wink:

as for wet looking materials… i tried those, and i didn’t lke them. they kinda ruined the atmosphere of the scene, i’d say. again, maybe i’m doing it wrong, but i’m preety happy with the way the mats look right now, i wasn’r really going for 100% photorealistic look anyways :wink:

will post some wireframe renders these days, promise, it’s just that i totally lack the spare time :frowning:

till next time, cheers!


Simply amazing!


really really nice textures… thats really inspiring!