Environment-We know where you live



this is anothing thing i’m working on now. its going to be a comedy scene when im done.also, this is my first vehicle ever, so please be gentle. needs many refinements. scene is still very young. i’m thinking that the house still looks very plain. any crits/ideas welcome!
(background is a stock pic btw)


The 1st thing jumped to my eyes is that the heels’ material is too flat and they look too high, i’d expect seeing some of the trees hiding parts of the heels… like the heels going behind them. Of course, it’s noticeable as u said that the trees are just a flat photo behind, and i try to think how you could do a nice easy blending there… Well, still thinking, if anyone here have a good idea, i’d like to hear too!


thanks! but i abandoned this one a while ago. i wanted to put characters, but tore all my hair out after tweaking verticies for hours.


Well, that’s a pitty, though I have some abandoned projects, myself, so i know how you feel.


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