Environment: Water Refining Facility


I made this water refining facility set for a tv show in Quebec called Phylactere Cola. I then composited actors shot on a green screen (they were walking on the footbridge).

I took a lot of digital photographs of rust and old paint to use them for the textures.

I did all with 3ds max and Afterburn.


Great work!.. It fulfills its objective perfectly. :applause:

But… hey!.. I´ve just discovered your webpage… and I love it!!.. Plenty of great contents!!.. I´d like to read it deeply… when I have time…

Keep it up! :beer:


my first post: “Environment: Setting for the game Duality”


Cool… :thumbsup:


that’s cool ! looks like McDonald’s kitchens ^^ The lighting make it looking more 2D than 3D… Bref, that’s cool :slight_smile:


i like it… you can almost feel the heat in there. great job with the textures.


heh looks like something from halflife2 :slight_smile:

nice! :thumbsup:


Thanx all.

Hey Suttercane, I know the character on your avatar, it’s Jay Decay! Do you know the name of the guy who made those Garbage Pail kids cards. I have a collection of 27 of them sticked in an photo album. I just extracted this old album it from the bottom of my closet. Those drawings were excellent. I’m gone scan them and put it on my website.

Fran_saa, if you read my weblog, don’t hesitate to leave comments on it. Do you read french? Or you can use the word to word automatic translation and leave comments in english too.


uh… very clean, really! I’d drink that water! sure I would!


Maybe it’s one of the city of New York’s water refining facility. you never know…


wow very good work…
great render…:thumbsup:


Wow, groovy stuff!!!


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