Environment: Unreal 2 Camp


This is an environment i created in Unreal 2. It does not fit in with anything in particular. It was more of a learning project.

here are some screenshots

thanks for looking, chem


here are a few more screens

interiors of the houses


no real crits… except maybe… the blue/green lines in the first pic, on the textures… they clash with the rest of the colors.


Great work!! very creative environment, also the mood looks awesome.


Yeah nice mood in it, gj.


Your lighting seems pretty good, but the turquoise has got to go IMO.


nice stuff chem. good to see you getting this stuff out there :slight_smile: Hope to see more from ya in the future.


Yeah, definitely kill the turquise.
I don’t know about the first few pics…they look a bit weird. But the last two are very amazing. good work


so no one likes the aqua eh? what color do you think it should be?

here was my thinking… i wanted a sort of retro look with the color palette so i chose browns, reds, and aqua.

here is a texture i used a bunch

and here is the one i used for the road

i guess i could have explained it more…the first pics are of houses, then the interiors of those houses were the last 2 pics.

here is some of the concept art


thanks for all the replies, chem


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