Environment/UH60 Flyby



Hello all! This is my first time posting artwork here! I have been in the industry for several years and have been visiting this forum for inspiration and education for some time. This is a quick animation that shows our UH60 in action. I am interested in any C&C regarding the animation/Environment. Used 3DSMax5.1 and AE.



I’m doing dome more shots with this scene and will post them shortly…


The video plays for half a sec. and closes?


Hmmm. Just downloaded it from my server and it plays fine here. It is MPEG4 v2 compression. 12 seconds long with sound. I’ll post a quicktime version as well.


Wow that’s awesome man. Great work.


Here is the same avi zipped. maybe you will have more luck with it.



great real camera simulation, one thing i want to ask, in the second part of animation when UH60 fly over the water, reflection of chopper in the water comes a little later… I know thats because of Bump map but it was only one thing which I found there. Nevertheless I like it very much, really. :applause: :applause: :applause:

one thing more: when camera sun and chopper are in line, chopper must bee darker that will causes more real-look of your animation, its just a question of postproduction. I hope that I was not too arrogant. But still i think, that is the great

I hope that you understand my english


Thanks for the feedback.


hmm. i didn’t notice the delayed reflection, i did some retiming in Post (Everything is rendered seperately) and i may have staggered the reflection vs the uh60 pass. i will check, thanks for noticing.


:beer: :beer:


Gr8t work dude…the animation is looking very nice, but in the second shoot i hav the feeling that the chooper is very big comparing to the mountain, probably just my own feeling



Thats a good point. Originally I had it smaller, and actually scaled that whole layer in post cuz I thought it looked to small. Should probably have stuck with my original sense on that one.


Originally posted by Guybrush
Gr8t work dude…the animation is looking very nice, but in the second shoot i hav the feeling that the chooper is very big comparing to the mountain, probably just my own feeling

Nope, not your own feeling, i second that opinion!

I can’t quite put my finger on it, perhaps you need a reference, like a tree or something.
If you look at the mountains, without comparing them to the chopper, they look like at least 2000+ meters. But if you compare the chopper to the mountains, the mountains don’t seem higher than 200 meters.

Other than that, great animation! nice lighting fx, camera movement and sound! :thumbsup:

ps: what exactly did you use AE for? just the cutting and pasting, or also the blur effect on the lens?

(w000t, my first post on cgtalk :cool: )


the textures and waves, all that give a sense of that mountain being huge…probably to fix that t chooper has to became very small, but i think t shoot will still be interesting…perhaps iven more interesting, anyway u hav t first shoot to view t chooper on detail.

are u going to do more animations?!


Thanks for the suggestions! Just what i need at this point.
I use AE for everything! Everything is rendered as seperate layers, the sky, the terrain, shadows, and the Blackhawk. And then tweaked to my hearts content. The sun/lensflare/ is done in AE.


I will be doinjg several animations with this for work, some from the interior of the Blackhawk flying. EVERYTHING is on that model, down to nuts and bolts done by engineers. This is a stripped version for animation.


rendering in layers is the best workflow…now u just hav to scale the chooper to the original size in AE :slight_smile:


looks really good to me.

i would have to agree with the other post on the copter shadow … it looks off some how when it goes from land to sea, but i did not think the size was a big issue.

my other comment is more of a nit-pick :smiley:

a copter is held ‘up’ by the rotor. if you see one parked you will notice the blades sag down. when the copter is in the air, i believe you would still have this sag, only the other way (sag up ?). ill send you a pic of what im talking about.

and i thought the small rotor spins faster then the main rotor on a chopper. in you anim, both look like they spin at the same RPM :shrug:

overall, great work, Z1K0B4 (Z1K0B4 ?!?!? , i thought you were kickflip_3d :wink: )


Thanks Cadster,

Good points. It still needs some tweaking. You’re right about the main rotor and the coning of the blades. I didn’t think anyone would notice :wink:

I’m gonna look at that reflection and try to fix it.

oh and Z1k0B4 is just the user name of the guy that sat at my computer one day, i’ve just used it since.


are there any other formats to watch it with?

I work with a pc (networking is not an option, i’ve seen what the net does to my friends pc)

but brows with a mac, it’s hard to get these things to play divx
no any utilities for that?

normally i just stockpile the avi’s and view them later when i transfere stuff over to the other comp. but by the the thread is usually dead:hmm:


This project has been archived, and removed from my HD. So rendering another format right now is difficult. The compression is MPEG 4. there are probably some converters out there for the MAC. sorry. :blush: