Environment: Tunnel Aquarium


I’m making a tunnel aquarium for my reel.
Eventually I wan’t it to look like an underwater tunnel surrounded by glass windows.
I’m open to suggestions on modeling, materials, texturing, lighting, underwater effects etc.



lookin nice… my only concern is the size of the screws and the size of the required screwdriver to turn them… they might be better off as rivets perhaps…

Otherwise are you going for new and shiny or old and rusty and leaky? will the water outside be clean and pure or yuck and polluted… with it be deep or shallow?



Hi marc001,
Everything looks great
Except, you should add more object details on the floor.
for texturing you could use matte steel (with abit noise/dirt), dont get to shiny with steel materials

Tips : follow the base main lights color / energy to create a material color.

I keep my eyes on this thread, keep on moving…


I replaced the screws with hex bolts. The ones near the door were too large, 4" in diameter. They’re now 3 1/2 “. The ones around the window are now 2 1/2” It would now take a torque wrench with a large socket to turn the bolts, instead of a large screwdriver.

As for the overall look, it should be slightly used not rusty or leaky. The water on the outside should be fairly clear, just a little cloudy, and shallow.


Im lookin’ at those hex bolts, and thinking they might look better if they stuck out just a bit farther. They look very thin at the moment. Great work so far. Keep it up!


yeah i think those hex bolts are the way to go… except i was thinking what would they look like if they were the hex bolts with the raised dome bit in the middle (i have no idea what they are called) the curve of them will pick up some nice spec highlights.

Also will the lighting be those foot level hall runner lights or will they be down lights etc from the arch sections? or both?

On the windows dont forget to add some less clean areas around the edges of the class where people are less likely to clean…



Things added:

  1. Floor tiles
  2. Aqua paint on the trim
  3. Dirt on the doors

I need hints or tutorials on texturing metal, and paint with parts flaking off.
It’s still clean in many places.


it’s looks very nice, but for me env is to empty, even when you insert fauna and flora outside the windows or walls it will be still empty… add some tourists or sciencist :smiley: or other stuff inside a tunel…


Added specular maps for that metal look, and reflection maps


Hey bud, your pics don’t show up, I check and it seems you’re trying to get them hosted on geocities. But geocities don’t support that kind of stuff. So here’s a small advice, http://www.photobucket.com hosts pics for free. I have about 60 pics there and the only limit is that each picture is not to be bigger than 250k I belive. You do have to sign up but there is no catch there… at least I’ve been hosting there for several months and everything’s fine.

And besides geocities has a max of how many people can visit your website.

Anyways, thought I’d give you this link… can’t view your pictures because of geocities.

P.S. photobucket.com maybe down today, I don’t know why, first time this happens.
Edit: Nvm, it’s up.


works for me, looks good, but your “line” in the door doesn’t look real enough, go for a bump, and add grime (clorine build up ect, it always happens in underwater structures. pain in the ass :wink: )


Things changed:
-Chipped paint
-Added reflection map to floor tiles
-Reduced specular map in the door seam

I still need to chip the paint on the side window trims.

BiTMAP: I’m going to add some water damage later.

Boggy: I deleted some images, hope that helps. Eventually I’ll be getting a real website, instead of geocities.

Perkar: This scene is for a short movie. The characters are on my website, and will eventually be in the scene.


Some nice metal textures here …might be something for ya




don’t use that colour green, use a more base colour, it’ll look MUCh nicer with water filtered light hitting it.


I agree that the green colour doesn’t fit for this kind of environment… Do you plan to make some change to the textures ? because… it seems too clean and synthetic. Maybe by adding some rust, scratches, dust… ?


Things changed:

  • chiped paint for the side window trim
  • removed specular map for the scratch in the seam of the door
  • added water damage
  • fixed light fixture by removing specular, and adding a self illumination mask
    -changed reflection map coordinates on all floor tiles to screen. Previously some were mapped as spherical, causing a seam between some panels.

Things that need work:
-More parts still need water damage.
-outside ocean water
-glass materials

Bredro1: I checked out the link. I would probably sample bits and pieces. These textures aren’t tileable, or square.

BiTMAP: I tried two things: making the paint grey, and removing it, so it’s all metal. It looked dull, and monochromatic. After I add the water, and lighting I might need to change the paint. We’ll see.

Didou: I added water, and dirt. Rust would be dangerous under water. The paint is scratched on the edges where they might get rubbed off. There’s dirt in the edges of the wall panel, and between the window trim and the curved walls.


From what it looks like, the floor tiles are a tileable image. I would suggest modeling these floor tiles for better depth, because it looks really flat right now.


Things changed:

  1. textured box and tanks
  2. added water
  3. added some blue to the lighting

Things that need work:

  1. algae, and dirt in the edges of the glass.
  2. scratches, and water damage on the glass.
  3. dirt for the outside of the tube for the ladder.
  4. light caustics

I’m looking for tutorials for under water scenes.


Things added:

  1. Algae, and dirt for windows.
  2. Light caustics

I’ve tried changing the paint to an orange yellow, and a light blue instead of green.
The orange yellow might be better because orange and the blue of the ocean are on opposite ends of the color wheel.

What does everyone else think?


I think the yellow one definately looks better.