Environment: Town_centre, Gerhard Mozsi (2D)


Title: Environment: Town_centre
Name: Gerhard Mozsi
Country: Australia
Software: Photoshop

Hi People,
Here is another study that I have done for my future war project. Once again the image is all about that post apoc theme. It took about two full days to do and was lots of fun, as there were no real tricky items to get looking “just right” as the image is simply lots and lots of rubble.



I love the athmosphere and details. Can you share with us how you went about painting it?



A tutorial would be really nice! :smiley:
:buttrock: :buttrock:


really good job!


Amazing work,

Well done



It take me to the hell! i feel cold ,very cold.

Very nice work!


wow! beautiful work, so detailed especially for 2 days!:thumbsup: hope you’re planning to post more of your work I’d love to see it!


Great work!
your rock!


Looks nice, well executed,

My bits of advise just from what I see,
is that aside from the buildings, it looks like the other areas(streets, imbetween buildings etc) are way too clean, its like the destruction was localized to the skyscrapers alone.

And I liked the last image better simply because it had more of an original tone to it,
and told more of a story, it was very interesting to look at.
Whereas this one seems to be the standard “wasted city” scape.

BUT I dont know what your intent was for the images in the first place,
so you could have hit what you wanted on the head.

keep it up!


very impressive work…


very good work man…i do love it
keep going:thumbsup:


Great work & yes a tutorial on at least the basics would be nice :slight_smile:


Once again I’m amazed by your work dude well done, keep up the good work :thumbsup:

P.S. I do agree with Tad about the other areas being 2 clean, except that, Great

lets just hope we never see that happening.:rolleyes:


Man, that is awesome. A tutorial would be great!


I would add my vote for a tut, or process images.


Right, great athmosphere.:applause:


Excellent work indeed, well done. :smiley:


I like your study painting. Its excellently executed,
but somehow I miss the “post-apoc feeling” . . .
Maybe its the missing color ?! But this’s only my opinion . . .

Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Daniel :arteest:


A tutorial would be a great idea, I’d love to be able to do soething like this. I’m actually working on a meteor impact project, so I’d love do be able to show some of the devastation it left behind.


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