Environment :the Harbor Under Starry Sky, Wei Wei Hua (3D)


very nice scene I can see a lot of thought went into this peice! great job.


Your work is fantastic!!! pure art!
Congrats my friend!!


great job i love the desighn and the textures, the only thing is the water seems to repetitve you should try putting some ripples in behind the boat<wake waves> but make it suttle cuz i dont think your boat is traveling to fast.


This is not the first time I’ve admired your work!

You’ve got an incredible eye for environments. :thumbsup:


  • Jonas


just incredible work!!!
i love it…

how much time you spend on it?

greetings :thumbsup:


This is so well done !!! Love the way you executed this :applause:


Very beautiful!

My only crit is that rectangular bricks do not seem to be the right material for building such organic shapes…


Hmm has anyone seen a faily old movie called “The Time Machine”? If you seen it, doesn’t this piece of work remind you of it? I think this is very beautiful.


The feeling of height in the first image is really amazing. I can feel my altitude apprehension comming up again.


Nice work. My only criticism is the water; it’s too grainy. It gives off the impression of a solid surface…perhaps this is just due to the small scale of the ripples/noise relative to the entire image and how the renderer handled them. Very nice images nonethless.


Very nice environment, with all those polys your comp must be crying, anyway the models and environment look great, only one crit. the water on the first pic looks a little strange to me more like a rock surface, dosnt look like there is any wind but the water is really chopped up.

anyway great job !!!


very cool scene! congratulations… :thumbsup:


Hi Weihua, this work its beautifull, the stones, the birds flying, the greens, the people standing and walking on the plataforms, the light here and there makes i a very beautifull set!
why don´t u do an enviorment with rain!? it would b great… just an idea…
keep this mighty work:thumbsup:


Reminds me a lot of the future environment depicted in the movie " The Time Machine" (latest version). Nice work.


Wow, you’re so creative. I loved the last one too…uhm.

Models, textures, render…perfectly executed man.

Can’t wait for the next one!! :wink:


Someone give this guy a render farm.


Really fantastic and so beautiful, I like your universe a lot! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Do you object to anybody using one of your images as desktop background?

They’re an inspiration.


yep yep ^^


There´s only one problem I can find among ur scene… That it aint mine :shrug: …
Great job man.
Teach me… :stuck_out_tongue: