Environment: Sweetwater


Made with Painter 5.5 and my old Wacom Ultrapad.
Hope you like it. Lightly inspired by the books of K. Faldbakken : Twilight Country


i don’t really know what to say 'bout this one, I really, really like it, it’s interesting to look at, kinda dreamy like…



I love the way to compose the colours… very surreal, and I like it :slight_smile:


very interesting…:thumbsup:


great work! nice colors


Thanks guys! Glad you liked it. Here’s a little close-up to show details


This is beautiful. Sometimes a simple composition is the best solution. :applause:


Thanks Cloud :slight_smile: I’ll agree. Less is more. Sometimes anyway.



I really like how you do the water, good work.


Very pretty . . . I’m fond of this kind of sci-fi art. The water maybe looks a little too mirror-like, but otherwise it’s a cool piece.


Some choppy mist over the surface of the water might help.


Great work Aelea. The scale contrast is amazing. So simple…


Great background there, simple and smooth. I like the feeling of it. No crits from me this time ^^;;


Thank you, one and all. I’m very grateful for your participation and comments. As for the water, I’ll agree. The mirror effect is perhaps a bit too sharp. This painting has gone through a lot of changes and it was time consuming to get it right. I think its working pretty well now, and I’m sort of finished with it. Hehe, this is the Gallery/Finished Work:forum after all. Anyhoo I can never say never, some day I make some ripples in the surface :wink:

Thanks and regards,



The whole felling is very fine,like:>


Yeah there’s a strange feeling coming from it.
It sure doesn’t look to be heaven, but it’s not depressing neither, which creates a strange feeling (some songs create the same feeling sometimes).



Congrats on the piece.

You really have a fresh and crispy style and a real sense for moody lighting.

The only thing that bugs me a bit is the composition. As said befor it’s surves you well to have only a few ellements but I kinda hav teh feeling the whole comp is a bit of ballance.

Left heavy and with a feeling that the real action is happening just of the picture to the right.

I may be wrong but thats how i feel about it.

Gonna look for some of your other stuff here.


I like it… looks like some spaceship fallen into water…


Thanks for the crits man. I agree to some extent, as mentioned before I had some challenges regarding the composition and some significant elements were removed completly. I added the star and things sort of fell in place for me. This was a long process (I like to work on several things simultaniously) If you look close you’ll probably notice that there are several hidden symmetric triangels “hidden” in the painting. This was deliberate and I felt that it added some points of interest as well as give the picture some balance. Well, for me personally that is :wink:



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