Environment: Sky-city and the shuttles


A 100% Bryce booleaned image. Inspired by some Rodney mathew Illustrations. Have always wanted to create my own Butterfly crafts. :slight_smile:
Would welcome comments, suggestions… :slight_smile:

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wow! looks like something from final fantasy especially those shuttle things that are like butterflies but not, very nice imagination and work=):thumbsup:


Very well done:applause:


I’m surprised this didn’t get more replies its a very nice piece of work, very imaginative and ornate work in the butterfly ships, a wonderful use of colour in the city with an astonishing level of detail more so because the scene was made entirely from booleans!

Excellent work :thumbsup:


Just great work!!!
:applause: :applause: :applause:


cool :slight_smile:
rodney mattews is my favourite


I know it’s “correct” fog on the city, but you could up the saturation a little to make it stand out more. It is the focus of the image, but since it’s faded, you can’t really appreciate it.

The butterflies are pretty cool at a distance, but the one closest to the viewer doesn’t help the image really, it gives the image a funny composition.

I’m impressed that you got this much out of Bryce. That brings the total ammount of images made in Bryce that I’ve been impressed by to six-ish :slight_smile:


HI and thanx all!
For the comments and the suggestions. Am thinking of reworking this image on the basis of your suggestions and some others that I have received and posting it here. Would definitely like to rework the butterfly craft some more and add in some more details.
Thanx again for taking the time to comment and providing some direction. Its much appreciated! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Id say that it is awesome. One thing I dont like is that with all that complex models you slacked a little on texturing it. And Id say some GI or sky area light would definatelly help. It looks to 1995’ish =) But dont get me wrong I love this picture.


Guilty as charged Dennis! :stuck_out_tongue:
Am not completely happy with the texturing either…as also the butterfly craft model…working on both. The problem is…working in Byce, selection of parts of a model (one can’t UV map) as well as working with large models becomes daunting…thus I guess its time for me to graduate onto something else.
But the desire to give it an “Industrial” as against an organic/2000’ish look is intentional. Enough variance from Rodney Mathew’s illustration (I was inspired, but didn’t want to copy) as also maintain a balance between the innate ornateness of a butterfly as well show enough of functionality and technology! (If I were to base the technology on say bio-mechanical technology…the craft would be even closer in appearance to a butterfly…which I didn’t want)
Thanx again for the input…it helps me overcome my limitations…conceptual, inertial and technical! :slight_smile:


I like it!good done!


OMG brilliant work. for the first time ever ive seen something good come from bryce. brilliant work


nice work.
i thougth that bryce is a shitty prog.
but now (after seeing your work), i can think in another way!!! :smiley:
really nice.
hold on with this.



Thanx all. I have done most of my work in Bryce.
My other two posts have been also done completely in Bryce!
My previous posts:

ATN: The All Terrain Vehicle

Character: Fisher Droid


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