Environment: Post Apocalypse, Daniel Kvasznicza (2D)


Wow, beautiful. REminds me of “War of teh Worlds” I just saw last night. Terrific perspective & depth!


great piece mate,catastrophic~my goodness~*****


Hi I-NetGraFX:
Great matte!
Nice mood and atmosphere!
I aways love your works too.:thumbsup:

5 stars for you!





It is so Powerful!


excellent Work …you had my 5star ::thumbsup:


What a HELL!



Great work!
Nice mood. I like the effects of the sun over the cityscape. And it all begins with a perfect initial sketch.
The animation is also great! (with a cute explosion:D )
Well done.:thumbsup:


amazing work. going straight into my wallpaper collection :slight_smile: im not a painter so I cant really crit anything. Looks excellent! 5 strars





I think every man and his dog has done a post apocalypse piece over the years, but artists often make the mistake of not really thinking just how busy or indeed developed a city actually is.

I’ve often been left completely cold by such works, due to the fact that even amidst the devastation a person is trying to portray, there is simply not enough of a shell left to really give the impression of a metropolis… just an odd collection of sporadically placed, charred walls and ruins, amongst a ton of dust.

Streets are often relatively straight… You don’t often get a building on a diagonal axis in the same street as a horizontal axis… People generally do fall short on these details. It’s much the same as when looking at how someone portrays reflections in water… You’ll always be able to determine the profficient from the dross.

In this piece, I didn’t find obvious mistakes. Thats not to say that it doesn’t have any… It’s just to say that the artist should be proud of what they have achieved here.

Well done Daniel… Really looking forward to your next piece,

Repectfully. :slight_smile:


Great Work… I love the camera motion. The shockwave effect really draws you into the shot. All I can say (several times) is wow…


Amazing work!:thumbsup:


good matte… maybe some areas required more glows :slight_smile::thumbsup:


wow really it´s a great image the atmosphere is incredible and the sun in the horizont is fantastic the destruction is so real
nice job
sorry but my english is not good ji ji ji


That is DEFINITELY amazing. I’ve always been fascinated by anything related to apocalypse (which I still can’t spell correctly… >.>) and the clip just sums it up. I love the contrasting difference between the glowing sky and the dark buildings… to me that is just the total dawning of destruction. Absolutely wonderful. :slight_smile:


WOW! This is amazing. Looks 3d. I love it!! :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:


Hey isent that the one you put on http://www.deviantart.com/? :smiley: Still an awsome pic!


Dear god! That’s eerily surreal…:applause:


Simply marvelous man